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  1. mr_b

    MISTer FPGA?

    Im amazed the devs doing the cores haven’t burnt out yet. Jotego seems to be very consistent with progress. Is this his full time job with the patreon money? I give these people all the credit in the world for doing this without dedicated compensation. I’m surprised someone hasn’t spoiled this...
  2. mr_b

    The IGS PGM Part 10 - DoDonPachi DaiOhJou Black Label - 5/17

    Out of pure curiosity, do these carts not play the same as the actual boards? Is the slow down the same or are there differences? I have the carts but don’t own a pgm mobo at the moment. I’ve never played originals of these games. I would have imagined they gotta be damn near identical for the...
  3. mr_b

    The IGS PGM Part 10 - DoDonPachi DaiOhJou Black Label - 5/17

    Damn the hate for Bacon going on here. Who gives a damn if he’s playing bootleg carts for vids that are informational in nature? A majority of the video game content channels are using emulation to film the gameplay.
  4. mr_b

    WTB: GPU from the last few years or so

    Not sure what you’re looking for but I got a 980 laying around $200?
  5. mr_b

    Street Fighter VI

    Counter has 6 days and lines up with what would have been the capcom cup. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is SF6 announcement.
  6. mr_b

    Midwest Gaming Classic

    I’ll be there on Saturday.
  7. mr_b

    What a good antivirus/malware ?

    May not always be the best product but check with your isp many of the more popular ones include free a/v as part of your subscription. you can rock Windows built-in a/v as well, its not the worst thing anymore but there are better ones out there. There are some decent free ones out there like...
  8. mr_b

    "Sleeper" Arcade Titles

    I miss the days of being able to take $20 flyers on random boards I’ve never heard of before on ebay. Id youtube the game or try and find screenshots online. If it looked mildly interesting I’d give it a shot. Those days are long gone. Now even shit games are over $100.
  9. mr_b

    OG Xbox to Jamma Board?

    You could use a jpac with the xbox controller adapter from Ultimarc. Honestly, it would be in your best interest to just build a mame pc. Check locally for a PC someone is giving away. Any i5 pc would do. Pick up an ATI video card or buy an ultimarc arcadevga card and a ipac/jpac. Your...
  10. mr_b

    WTB - Capcom i/o

    Looking for one. Hit me up.
  11. mr_b

    WTB - Long shot but...medium res or Tri Sync monitor in driving distance of Chicago

    Ive got a wg d9200 out in the burbs. If you’re still looking for one.
  12. mr_b

    How to go about repainting this cabinet

    Good man! Post your progress. It will be a bitch to get it all smooth with no bubbles. But go slow and have someone there with you when you apply it.
  13. mr_b

    How to go about repainting this cabinet

    Bring it back to life. Dont just repaint it black again that is lame.
  14. mr_b

    MISTer FPGA?

    I've been wanting to try out the cps2 core but it doesn't do anything when launching a cps2 game. There really is no error message. It just kicks back to the main mister menu where you can select (Arcade,Computer, Console, etc). I have the rbf file in _Arcade/Cores and mra files in _Arcade. I've...
  15. mr_b

    Anyone ever try one of these? Pandora Box DX

    I’m pretty sure when they say Killer Instinct it is the SNES and N64 Versions. YouTube videos should be able to confirm this.
  16. mr_b

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    I’ve gotten back into pinball here in the last few months. I find pinball more engaging in my older years than straight video games. Ive been scoping for a good used pin that I like. Its only a matter of time before I bite the bullet. I need to sell a cab or 2 to fund the purchase though. The...
  17. mr_b

    What is the point of Apple TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast etc.? Do I need one?

    +1 to the shield recommendation. If you’re cutting the cord or need the solution that can do everything this is the one. If you are on iphones and want the no muss no fuss solution than grab the appropriate apple tv device. I would also recommend if you’re going to spend money on one get the...
  18. mr_b

    Post subject: Ketsui Kit, CPS2 Shooters, Neo Carts, Aero City grommits

    I’d be interested in an “A” board if you split
  19. mr_b

    Thoughts??? Neo-50

    I saw this the other day in ebay browsing. I couldn't believe it was in my backyard. I think I know this guy. If it is the guy I'm thinking of, he runs a little arcade out of a strip mall Mexican grocery store. He was a cool guy but his price on this is insane. I almost bought a net city cab...
  20. mr_b

    Robotron 10-million points run attempt - live on 04/09/20

    I hope to remember and tune in. Please make sure this eventually gets uploaded to YouTube for later viewing.