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  1. Black IcE

    Good music to listen to while working ? Videogame OST or otherwise

    I have been working from home for a little while now and need lots of good background music to drown out noise from the kids doing online school and other things. I normally listen to a playlist with Diablo 2 & 3 music, and just started checkout out the Dark Souls 3 soundtrack. What are some...
  2. Black IcE

    Raiden volume pot ?

    I have been searching around for a Raiden schematic to find the volume pot that I need, but no luck with the schematics so far. Does anyone know what ohm rating I would need ? I just replaced the HB-41 module, but I the pot seems dead.
  3. Black IcE

    Gley Lancer re-release in June...

    In case anyone is interested.... Gley Lancer is supposedly going to be re-released in June.
  4. Black IcE

    Darius Cozmic Collection Special Edition questions...

    I have been looking into the special edition of the Darius collection for the Switch, and I can not find an answer to if the extra games in the special edition are download only or on the card. The other question I have is if it is worth paying the much higher price for the collector edition...
  5. Black IcE

    Any interest in console copiers ?

    Just was curious to see if there is anyone else that is interested in old console copiers? I know about everdrives and all that, but I am referring to stuff from Bung, China Coach Limited, Front Far East, and such. I currently have a Mr Backup Z64 with a compact flash drive and a Game Doctor SF7...
  6. Black IcE

    WTB: NOA-60022 - 60 pin Digital JVS input loom for Naomi Universal

    I am in the process of getting a Naomi Universal working. So, I am looking for the wiring harness that goes from the IO board to the metal bracket that the control panel plugs into. All the sites I have looked at are currently out of stock. Again it is a NOA-60022. Thanks for looking ... or if...
  7. Black IcE

    AES Ram issues after a repair

    Summary: I purchased a faulty AES from a local shop for a good price.It was having some ram errors as the background and sprites were all messed up. I added a socketed unibios, fix the red video line, and replaced the two main Sony ram chips based off an 8000 error I saw in the unibios hardware...
  8. Black IcE

    For Sale or Trade: GQ-4X & G540 Eprom Programmer Package

    Package Contents: Gq-4X version 3 with 3 adapters - ADP-054 - 16 Bit adapter - has a jumper wire due to a broken trace. - ADP-073 - TSOP48 adapter - ADP-056 -USB Cable Note: The GQ-4X did not come with a power cable, but I have never needed one. It has always worked with getting it's power from...
  9. Black IcE

    Tempest 4000

    I picked up Tempest 4000 last night for the Xbone and so far it as has been pretty fun. I like that there is a hidden in plain view soundtest in the credits section. Fairly impressed that there is a total of 38 songs. The soundtrack includes the original T2K sound track, plus the complete MOD...
  10. Black IcE

    FS: Killing Blade

    Payment by PP + 4%, PP Gift, or Venmo US preferred, but Canada as well with a little extra for shipping. PGM - The Killing Blade - $45 Shipped (Each) Sold ------- Dodonpachi 2: Beestorm cart - $150 shipped (within US) - SOLD Super Street Fighter 2 X - Grand Master Chalenge Conversion - SOLD -...
  11. Black IcE

    TMNT Turtles in Time 4 to 2 player conversion ?

    I am attempting to help a person on here convert their Turtles in Time board to two player. I already tried programming the UDA two player program rom set and all I get is a white flashing screen. The UAA 4 player roms play fine. The board itself is a conversion from another game, but I am not...
  12. Black IcE

    WTB: Avenue Pad 6

    Looking for an Avenue Pad 6 for a decent price. Don't mind if it is kinda hammered as long as it plays good. Lowest price i see on feebay is about $45 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  13. Black IcE

    SNK Golden Week Limited Store

    FLTCHRR is in Japan on work assignment and posted some interesting pictures in a group chat about this SNK Limited store. I just thought I would post them up for people to enjoy.
  14. Black IcE

    Pandoras Box 5

    I was looking around a thread on another site about the Pandora Box 4x, and someone had posted some pictures of the up and coming #5. Just thought I would post them up here in case anyone is interested. The images came from this thread...
  15. Black IcE

    Good inexpensive source for female scart connectors ?

    Vellemans is out of stock and I can only find them on ebay for $6 a piece. Any other recommendations. US source preferred (if possible). Thanks for looking
  16. Black IcE

    EDM n00b here - Looking for recommendations

    I normally listen to Deadmau5 with a little Tiesto or Daft Punk thrown into the mix. I am looking for recommendations on other artists or songs worth listening to. Thanks for looking.
  17. Black IcE

    Famicom Dragon Quest 3 Translation NOOB Question

    - Bone Head NOOB Question Alert - I have a Famicom Dragon Quest 3 cart that I would like to attempt an English conversion on. When people do this, do they use the PRG rom from the US release or is there some super obscure retranslation that I am not aware of ? I can only find translation...
  18. Black IcE

    Thanksgiving Plans ?

    I am going to my in-laws with my wife and children. We're staying the night and eating dinner tomorrow. I need to work from home for a bit on Friday, but it won't be too bad. Taking a toaster NES and some games so my sister-in-law and play some Mario. What does everyone else have going on ?
  19. Black IcE

    WTB: Sound chip for a Raiden board - HB-41

    I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would try. I grabbed a working Raiden board that has a split sound chip HB-41. I know I can harvest one from other boards such as Seibu Soccer which I do not currently own, but I was hoping someone may have a parts board or something along those...