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  1. Wachenroder

    Official A/V Thread

    PS2 doesnt need component to access 480p. It can get it with RGsB (sync on green) Doesnt matter anyways because the PS2 has very few games that support resolutions higher then 480i
  2. Wachenroder

    Better Call Saul !

    Yeah the emotions are running high with a lot of characters. Everybody seems to be cracking a little bit. Kim, Mike, Jimmy, Howard, Nacho are all dealing with some serious inner turmoil. That ending was great too. Glad to see those punk ass kids get there's. I wonder if that was Huel and...
  3. Wachenroder

    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    Not perfect but I really dig the style. Glad to see lots of blood too. Hopefully Gaira is in it.
  4. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 9-9-18

    Luigi's Mansion on GCN was so good. I actually have the 3DS one too but havent touched it yet. So if I'm hearing you right, Luigi's Mansion GCN is lie RE1, Luigi's Mansion 3DS is closer to RE5 in terms of linearity? SNES: YOSHI'S ISLAND
  5. Wachenroder

    RIP... MEAN MACHINE!... you will be missed!

    Ah damn....he finally went huh? RIP I really need to revisit some of his movies. Guy was great.
  6. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 9/02/18

    SNES: YOSHIS ISLAND - Finally got a physical copy (played on Wii emulation last playthrough) and goddammit I love this game. PC: THE EVIL WITHIN 2 - Everybody pumps this game up. Its usually the people who didnt like the first game which I really loved. I wonder how this one is gonna measure...
  7. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 8/26/18

    Yeah I doubt i'll play both at the same time. With Grandia, I'm still pretty damn early on in the game. I'm at the end of the pirate ghost ship just before the squid boss. If I break right there, jumping back in should be easy. Plus Grandia isn't really hooking me in like i'd hoped...
  8. Wachenroder

    Streets of Rage 4 Reveal Trailer

    I definitely noticed that they thickened her up :D In any event, game looks dope. Digging the new designs for Axel and Blaze. The art style isnt perfect but at least its 2d animation and not that 2.5d shit we've had to deal with since the PS2 era. I'm glad we're finally getting away from...
  9. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 8/26/18

    Damn thats a hell of a list. 2 out of 3 of those games are masterpieces and Mario Sunshine is still pretty damn good even though I never finished it. PS1: GRANDIA PS2: SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI NOCTURNE - With DMC5 officially being set after DMC2, I strangely have an urge to finally play this game...
  10. Wachenroder

    RIP Momoko Sakura

    Ah man thats sucks. 53 is way too young
  11. Wachenroder

    Windjammers 2 announced for switch

    I really dig the trailer but whats the game gonna look like? Also DotEmu? I dont know about that....
  12. Wachenroder

    IV and Bloodlines are better than Rondo of Blood

    Bloodlines is close. IV is definitely not. Rondo > Bloodlines > IV
  13. Wachenroder

    Better Call Saul !

    fixed. Gus really is one of the greatest TV antagonists of all time. This season has been dynamite so far its only 2 episodes in. Crazy
  14. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 8/12/18

    Yeah the voice acting is iffy for sure but its not unbearable. Also I'm still early in the game and just passed the part with the bar where they keep talking about coffee and java lol. They are clearly talking about booze but I guess since this is a kids game in America they had to change it...
  15. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 8/12/18

    PS2: FATAL FRAME 2 - Actually just finished it a couple of days ago. Pretty damn good game. I'm kind of getting burned out on the series so i'm gonna take a break. PS1: Grandia
  16. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 8/5/18

    PS2: Fatal Frame 2 Gunvari Collection (Time Crisis 1)
  17. Wachenroder

    Which Metallica album is the best?

    Right on! Yeah CDs are still the shit and so cheap now too. Glad I kept most of my collection. I still bump Garage inc on my CD player pretty often. Blitzkrieg is my shit!:buttrock:
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    Weekly Roundup 7/30/18

  19. Wachenroder

    Weekly Roundup 7/22/18

    PS2: FATAL FRAME 2 - Man the jump in quality compared to the first game is immediately noticeable. Graphics are better, sound is better, animations are better, ghost are more plentiful, combat is more fun. So far this really is one of those sequels where they took what worked in the first game...
  20. Wachenroder

    Which Metallica album is the best?

    Man totally. I remember back then, my friends older brother ended up with a binder with a bunch of Metal CDs (which I assume he stole) and he didnt give a fuck about that genre so he gave them all to me. In that binder was my introduction to Metallica. Master of Puppets, Kill em All, the...