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  1. onefortheride

    Selling a large chunk of my MVS collection

    I'm in the process of moving to Virginia. Needing to unload a few of my 4 slots (2 version 3s) and my gold cab. I'll post pictures and details soon. For now I'll post the carts I have for sale. I'll be adding a few as I go through them. MVS Carts World Heroes: 25...
  2. onefortheride

    MVS Stuff ...

    Just trying to get rid of a few games I no longer play and some of my extra art sets. Shoot me a PM with any questions. MVS Carts: Panic Bomber Magician Lord The Super Spy Fatal Fury 2 Kabuki Klash Top Players Golf Super Baseball 2020 3 Count Bout Bust A Move Super Spikes 2 Soccer Brawl Art...
  3. onefortheride

    MVS cabs/carts/art/stickers

    Thinning my collection a bit. Need some spending money this month. I have the following MVS games and art sets available. I'll be adding pictures and prices soon. Serious offers will be taken in the meantime. MVS Carts: Nam 1975 (sold to Retrozoa) The Super Spy Fatal Fury 2 Kabuki Klash Top...
  4. onefortheride

    MVS Carts/Version3 Big Red

    Dropping the price on a few carts I want to unload. Super Baseball 2020 - $45 Nam-1975 - $45 Mutation Nation - Sold Top Players Golf - $20 Power Spikes II - $20 The Super Spy - $45 Magician Lord - $85 Prices are shipped. Also looking to sell the version 3 cab pictured below. Asking...
  5. onefortheride

    Big Red 4-slot and MVS Kit/Carts (southern IN/IL)

    Buying a new car so I'm unloading some of my new collection. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. My camera batteries are dead, so these were taken with my phone. If you'd like better pictures just mention it in the PM and I'll get some batteries. :lolz: Super Baseball 2020 - $50...
  6. onefortheride

    MVS: Bust A Move & Crossed Swords

    Bust A Move - $55 Shipped Crossed Swords - $45 Shipped Also looking to unload one of my MVS 4-slot cabs. Send PM if interested and i can post some pictures. I may add a dedicated thread soon.
  7. onefortheride

    4-slot cab and mvs carts in indiana

    looking to move within the year ... wanted to clean out some of my collection. 4-slot: mvs cart: drop me a pm if youre interested in anything.
  8. onefortheride

    Big Red 4-slot, Bust A Move, Burning Fight, and Football Frenzy

    looking to unload one of my Dedicated Version 3 4-slots and a 1-slot conversion cab. will post pictures soon. also have the following MVS games for sale: Bust A Move Burning Fight Football Frenzy Crossed Swords
  9. onefortheride

    magical drop 3 mini marque

    magical drop 3 mini marque
  10. onefortheride

    Neo Geo Version 3 4-slot

    Looking to sell one of my Neo Geo 4-slots (preferrably one of my version 3's). This is in good shape with a good monitor ... if youre serious and want pictures just drop me a pm. - $450 I also have a Conversion 1-slot for sale for $250. 19inch monitor (good shape), in good working order, and...
  11. onefortheride

    big red 4-slots and a few mvs games ...

    it look like i'll be moving in late summer so i am thinking about thin'n out my collection ... well at least a few of my cabs. i have 6 neo cabs (2 version 2 4-slots, 2 version 3 4-slots, a gold cab, and a conversion 1 slot). thinking of unloading 2 of the 4 slots and the conversion. if...
  12. onefortheride

    big red 4-slot (version 3)

    looking to unload a version 3 4-slot big red. its in pretty good shape, with a pretty good monitor. if youre interested pm me and i'll get you some pictures.
  13. onefortheride

    2005 NL MVP

    Albert Pujols claimed his first National League Most Valuable Player Award and the Cardinals' first since 1985 on Tuesday after leading the Redbirds to their second straight NL Central crown despite injuries to four of their eight Opening Day starters. - its about time.
  14. onefortheride

    Neo Geo Pocket Color Neo Turf Master

    how is Neo Turf Masters on the NGPC? i'm a huge fan of the AES/MVS version ... how does it compare to other handheld golf games? how much should a person pay for this game?
  15. onefortheride

    MVS: carts added - bust a move, crossed swords, sengoku

    MVS: carts added - crossed swords, burning fight, football frenzy selling/trading - mvs: crossed swords burning fight football frenzy sengoku - sold bust a move - sold neo turf masters - sold fatal fury - sold king of the monsters - sold metal slug - sold super baseball 2020 - sold all...
  16. onefortheride

    mini marquees & mvs carts (added)

    mini marquees: i already have a few of these (the ones in italics) ... but they arent in very good shape (yellowed, bent, or cracked), so they arent as high on my "MUST HAVE" list. nam 1975 magical drop 3 magical drop 2 metal slug x windjammers svc chaos kabuki klash MVS CARTS: metal...
  17. onefortheride

    Big Red 4-slot in Indiana

    looking to possibly unload one the cabs i play the least. just dont have room for a few of them in my new apartment. its in great condition, only thing i havent done is switch the buttons to the right colors. the monitor is in pretty good shape, though the red gun has faded. i talked to...
  18. onefortheride

    MVS: Windjammers, 8man, Street Hoop, Samurai Shodown

    MVS CARTS: Windjammers (US w/serials) 8man (US) Street Hoop (US w/serials) Samurai Showdown (US w/serials) also have a few extra mini marquees: Baseball Stars Pro (x2) Mutation Nation King of the Monsters MVS (2 NOS / 3 in ok shape) MISC NEO RELATED STUFF: King of Fighters 99...
  19. onefortheride

    metal slug 5

    a new metal slug 5 insert i've been working on. i was going to do a rework version without a front logo ... or different placement. still havent decided.
  20. onefortheride

    Puzzle Bobble shockbox insert (x3)