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  1. SetaSouji??

    Who wants a real Death Star? Let's make this happen! :buttrock:
  2. SetaSouji??

    Game Concept I'm working on (length warning)

    I actually got this entire idea from the FiM thread in the midst of saying, "it wouldn't matter to me if the ponies were replaced with something else" and I listed football players. Later that night, I thought to myself, "Y'know.. there hasn't ever been an over-the-top football FIGHTING game...
  3. SetaSouji??

    Tekken Tag Tournament question

    My initial question was gonna be "why aren't the buttons responding?" but then I saw that it has a JVS harness connector.. so I'm going with "how do I switch this to JAMMA"?
  4. SetaSouji??

    Oh California, you so silly...

    California has done some pretty stupid stuff, but this is some next level :lolz: Calling it now: There's gonna be a skyrocket in pregnancy rates for single women in that state.
  5. SetaSouji??

    Flip Shot?

    ..I've never even heard of this game. Anyhow, I've got a guy that notifies me when he gets in SNK stuff and I got an e-mail this morning letting me know he has Flip Shot kits for $65 shipped. My questions are 1) Is it game worth playing? 2) Is the price guide correct on the kit value?
  6. SetaSouji??

    NGX stick driver

    So I've heard mixed results about people trying to plug n' play the stick, so I decided to just straight up write a driver for it. I've run into a problem though.. I have the driver functioning, in the stick properties VIA windows, you can test the inputs and the stick inputs and see it's...
  7. SetaSouji??

    Dark Souls 2

    Yeah, it's happening. I'm mad excited.. I'll try to get a trailer up in a few edit: kotaku link
  8. SetaSouji??

    WTB: Last Issue of Nintendo Power

    I spent most the day searching newsstands for it and no avail down here yet. If anyone can find it and pick it up lemme know.
  9. SetaSouji??

    Ban Josh

    Between this: and this: he needs to go. :cool:
  10. SetaSouji??

    IC: Slifer the Sky Dragon & Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max

    GodDAMN that second one has a long ass name. Anyhow I'm selling both of these cards, both of which were not sold in standard circulation and are both out of print. $40 for Slifer and $20 for SDRRCGM. Shipping is included and these are for sale in the US only. Want em' both? I'll do $50...
  11. SetaSouji??

    Change VanillaThunder's title

    "Rockin' it Gangnam Style" :buttrock:
  12. SetaSouji??

    Okay for real, can my name be changed back?

    It was funny and all, but I don't wanna be kernow anymore :(
  13. SetaSouji??

    Persona 4 Arena PS3 is REGION LOCKED (you read that right) That's right, a PS3 game you can't import.
  14. SetaSouji??

    Nights into Dreams HD coming soon!

    qb_CJLofgPY I don't care if this is all Sega can do is re-release games, they got my money on this one. edit: i'm a dumbass, delete or merge this por favor.
  15. SetaSouji??

    Today isn't so bad, Konamistyle launches in the US! Wild box of Castlevania DS appears! :D
  16. SetaSouji??

    WTB: Psp Handlegrip (or something close to) I REALLY need one of these things for my PSP or something close to it. It kills my fucking hands to try and use that thumb stick. So if anyone has one of these or has something close to it laying around they don't...
  17. SetaSouji??

    PC/IC: NM CIB GB Wordtris

    Cleaning out my vault and came upon this, is really clean and in good shape. I couldn't find a complete pricing so I wanted to check this/see if anyone would be interested in it?
  18. SetaSouji??

    PSO 2 Open Beta starts tonight

    Patch is already live, who's gonna be on? :cool:
  19. SetaSouji??

    WTB: PSP-2000 or 3000

    I'm looking for a used PSP with charger (if you already have CFW on there it's a plus, if not I'm slapping it on there anyways). Condition I'm not overly concerned with as long as everything is functional. Looking to pay $50-60 plus shipping.
  20. SetaSouji??

    wtb: used copy of PSP2

    anyone got one they wanna get rid of message me please! :buttrock: