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    What do you guys think about this Ganryu cart?

    Asking price (it's more than I would want to pay) and boards (they're legit) aside, I'm not too sure how I feel about these two pictures: In most other pictures that I found online the cart was a darker shade of blue. The one in the pictures kind of reminds me of Yaton's carts. The label...
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    FS: SEGA Saturn Dark Savior US version

    50€ plus shipping. Shipping to the US is 10€. It's about the same for pretty much every other destination outside of Germany. PayPal Gift, bank transfer or PayPal +4%. Whichever you prefer.
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    Atomiswave nightmare: "Coin Error" ... Now what?

    I've had this Atomiswave for way too long and and it is really pissing me off to no end. I'd love to just smash it and toss it out, but I'm afraid that that's no option. Problem: All it does is showing me a black screen with a white "Coin Error" text. I already tried to find a solution online...
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    [MVS] Samurai Spirits V

    I wanted to keep this as trade bait but need to pay for a car repair and would rather continue saving up for a new camera, so... 75€ shipped (registered airmail) to almost anywhere in the world. The PCB that sits on top of the V1 is 100% legit...
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    Cleaning and fixing stuff you got from eBay or elsewhere

    Who else does it? Since I uploaded those pictures, I thought I could just as well start a dedicated thread. Feel free to share your stories and pictures. About a year or two ago, I bought a few famicom games in a lot and was quite shocked when I pulled this Donkey Kong Jr. cart out of the...
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    Wanted: working Atomiswave motherboard

    Looking for an Atomiswave motherboard. I don't need any games.
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    MVS carts, kits & pro controller - new games added & lower shipping costs

    I will probably add my copy of GAROU Mark of the Wolfes within the next few days. Most of these carts and kits come from my private collection. I only collect black carts, which is why I replaced many of my games multiple times. Payment: Paypal Gift PayPal +4% Bank Transfer Shipping costs...
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    MVS kits, carts and controllers

    I can't edit my old thread, so I made a new one. Willing to talk about prices, if you're interested in more than just one game. I adjusted some prices. Shipping is not included. Possible forms of payment are bank transfer, PayPal Gift or PayPal + 4%. I'm in Germany but will ship almost...
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    Nintendo 3DS shuts down

    Does anyone know what to do with a 3DS XL that turns off shortly after powering it on? The LED is said to light up blue which seems normal from what Google told me.
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    WTB: english Magician Lord insert

    I've got a the home cart and the manual as well as a spare case. All I need is the insert. If one of the conversion guys has a stack of those and can spare one that is in a good condition and reasonably priced, then I'm interested. I'm in Germany, if you didn't notice. I'd prefer to buy from...
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    How to open a MVS cart without damaging the label

    James said it before, but because of recent events, I felt like posting these pictures for everyone to see. If you've never done this before and want to make sure that what you bought isn't a bootleg, then please take two seconds to look at the following pictures. There's absolutely NO need*...
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    mvs carts and kits - twinkle, pulstar, drift out, waku, resort ...

    fun facts - located in germany - prices are in € - shipping costs not included - paypal fees are included. prices will be lower, if paid via pp gift or bank transfer. - smoke and pet free home - some repro labels (mentioned) - no bootlegs - prices based on condition and rarity - europeans: vat...
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    [MVS] weird video problem

    last week, i got a few mvs boards in the mail. all the shape of the MV1FZ but some of those boards are MV1A variants. most worked well when i tested them but i have problems with two MV1ACH and one MV1AX board. while one of those three boards is in a terrible physical condition (leaking battery...
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    need help with a viewpoint mvs cart

    i got this cart a few days ago and can't get it to work. i cleaned the cart and tried it on four different mvs boards, but i always get the cross hatch screen only. - the cart looks exactly the same as the one on mvs scans. it's not a boot. - the contacts were cleaned with an eraser and an...
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    anyone using a xrgb-2 plus to play mvs games on a tft monitor?

    i just bought an xrgb-2 plus on a whim to replace the cheap chinese scaler that i got off ebay. should have probably waited for a regular xrgb-2 to turn up on ebay but the 2 plus was sold within europe which is why i jumped on it. some of you guys know that my cab came without the rather rare...
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    any snk candy 18 owners?

    totally unexpected, but ... it looks like i will pick up an empty one as a project and now i'm looking for some inspiration. i will have to make a new panel, which will be the worst part of the "resto", i think. this is what i'm talking about: the one that will be mine within the next 72...
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    any xrgb users? (low res systems with fake scanlines on lcd screens)

    i'm thinking about building a new gaming setup for myself once i got some other stuff done. i don't really have the space for a proper candy cab, i don't want to have to take care of a crt and i don't like the fact that they weight 200+ lbs, which is why i might have to use a lcd screen. a few...
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    where to shop for a g6 lite (pro) cart?

    it's supposed to be out, but i only found the non-pro version (the more expensive one), so far.
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    some ngh, neo cd and mvs stuff ... (testing the waters)

    ngh aka 'aes' : harware : ngh system and sticks available. actually, more than one of each. i can also put in a socketed uni bios, if needed. jp games : - fatal fury 2 - complete - fatal fury 3 - complete - fatal fury 3 - complete - king of fighters 1994 - complete - king of fighters 1995 -...