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    Mini US Arcade Cab

    Hi , I want to sell my mini US arcade cab . Theres a pic of it on the collections page . Its in great condition except theres a scratch on the right side where it says SNK . It has the serial number sticker on the front that says #30276 . I just bought a brand new Wells Gardner moniter for it 3...
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    Another Sunnyvale Gathering in May

    Hi , I had so much fun last gathering I thought why not have another ! Saturday moring is good cause they have the token special . How about the 22 or the 29th ? If this month is bad , how about June . Too Short when are you free cause I'd like to play you . :smirk:
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    Ebay - Dreamcast stuff

    Dreamcast system and stuff
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    EBay - 1 Slot MV-1F PCB

    Hi , I got here a 1 slot on ebay , Thanks ,
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    Neo Geo 4 Slot , Samurai Showdown games ,
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    SvC , Characters Unbalenced

    Ok , I just got back from Sunnyvale Golfland , and SvC is way unbalenced . One thing I saw was that Ryu is way too strong , this guy at Golfland was doing the same combo over and over again , short , short , forward kick , double fireball special . This one combo takes Half your energy...
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    Takuma 2002

    Any one know whats going on with Takuma in 2002 , In 2001 he was my Fav but now hes changed so much , he doesn't even shoot fireballs you can see any more . I don't know if I love his new style or hate it , Any thoughts on him or other characters that were changed ?