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    Bay78's Winnipeg Christmas BASH!

    I was there I had a good time, But trying to get my name on the hightscore on your pinball tables, Its going take a long time then one night to get there. can't be done (need more practice). At least I'm still king at capcom vs marvel 2 Henry:hammer:
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    N64, PS1, Final Fantasy, METROID and More!

    Payment Sent for Arcade stick and 3 N64 games
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    N64, PS1, Final Fantasy, METROID and More!

    Pm sent on Arcade stick and 3 N64 games
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    FS: Games for SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS1,

    Payment sent for 3 N64 games
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    WTB Pulstar MVS

    I agree Your right thats sounds fair no one likes to be the person too ask for something only to get nothing, because someone without proper respect skips ahead and hustle there way in. Being new to this site myself I understand.
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    FS: Games for SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS1,

    PM sent for NBA Hang time
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    NeoManitoba Mar 19th 2010

    Look out next month. I'm going to win a tourney!
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    Neo Geo Carpet...... $25k

    Thats a lot of money for a piece of carpet.
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    2 Slot CMVS, AES Console Bundle...

    can't send a pm. What do I do to get those prilileges?
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    Samurai Shodown? Looks legit to me...

    yep looks good
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    NeoManitoba Mar 19th 2010

    It was a good tourney. However I didn't win any coinage boooo
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    street fighter 4 iphone/touch

    I sould get an iphone to play street fighter IV but I'll wait for super SFIV on the ps3
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    Relatively Simple Question About Getting A New White PSP (no go)

    I have a psp go (black) not bad but its all full of games need more memory
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    Zelda Spirit Tracks

    whats ST?
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    Nomad --- New screen and better battery pack.

    can't find it here how much
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    Rumors of the DS's successor have begun.

    new DS or Gameboy??? Bring back the Gameboy name please nintendo
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    Lunar being remade for PSP; published by XSEED

    tired of playing this game now that I have FFXIII all I can do is play FF
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    don't waste your time unless you like grinding a lot.