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    Guilty Gear X2 EU tournie

    Due to us Europeans not being able to play against the Americans, I thought I'd set up a tournament for us! I've penned it for Saturday March 26th at 7PM To meet up, come into IRC channel #GrandViper on Quakenet. Alternatively, connect using your browser via the link on the front page of...
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    AES Console, Phantom and MVS Carts/Kits For Sale

    Hi there, Items i currently have for sale are as follows AES Console (048520) £110 Phantom 1 Blue mvs convertor ( In cart Shell ) £150 SOLD Boxed New style stick £30 Kof 02 MVS Kit £45 On Hold Kof 03 MVS Kit £55 Loose MVS carts - Metal Slug 1 £30 SOLD Metal Slug 2 £30 (On Hold) Puzzle Bobble...
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    Is it me or ........

    Is it me or is the site really dead of late :( Phix
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    We in chat have decided we need more smilies can this be made possible please :buttrock: Cheers Phix
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    Region Free Xbox Games

    Not sure if this is the right forum ....if not my bad :loco: So does any one know any more Region Free xbox games ...i know Steel battalion and Street fighter aniversary pack . Phix
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    Happy Birthday Sonofx51

    Happy Birthday Jose Hope you have a great day Buddy :glee: :glee: :glee: Phix
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    Street Fighter aniversary collection

    Are there many brits that have this game and play on live as im just ordering it and gonna get a nice hori stick to play with :buttrock: Phix
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    CRC Check and MOTW MVS

    Ok What should the uni bios CRC check show for motw .... As mine show's all Rom Banks as Custom ?? Is this correct ? Cheers Phix
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    King of Fighters 2003

    Ok i just got the game recently and dont really know where to start ... So i need combo's , tactics any thing useful :D Phix :buttrock:
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    2 slot probs

    Ok heres the deal im using a MV-2B with supergun and every now and again the blasted thing resets on me ..Wich is kinda a pisser when ya playin Metal slug :buttrock: im using a unibios 2.0 though i doubt it is that also the PSU is adjustable . All help Apreciated folks :) Phix
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    Hi Guys im looking for a manual for a MV-2B 2 slot any help apreciated :D Phix :buttrock:
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    Sony TV + Supergun Probs

    Hi ...i got my self a 2 slot and supergun but when ever i try it on my Sony Wega the picture is unstable ...bear in mind im using RGB and it works on the other 2 TV's in the house . Some one suggested that it may be that the sync wire may not be connected i'm at a loss with it , Any ideas...
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    Ok so i know it aint easy but exactly how would i go about consolising a 2 slot ??? Cheers Phix :D
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    MVS Labels

    Hi i was just wondering how many MVS titles have funky Holographic labels as they look sw33t ? Example :buttrock: Cheers Phix
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    R I P AES 048520 ITS ALIVE :D

    :crying: Ok same old story i tried to mod my neo with a unibios using the piggyback method wich sounded easy enough as i took my time and now when i turn it on all i get is a blue garbled screen ..... :help: :help: Input please people i am neo less :crying: Also any body that does neo...
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    Wanted MOTW Jpn AES

    Wanted Japanese aes version Garou MOTW must be nice condition :buttrock: Cheers Garry
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    Happy birthday to teh POWER!™ Rotphungte

    Happy birthday Dude !!! :D
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    Wanted VF4 sticks

    Hey all im looking for VF4 / EVO sticks for the ps2 as playing on pads sucks just drop me a pm :D Cheers Garry :buttrock:
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    Wanted VF4 Sticks

    Hey there im looking for Hori ps2 VF4 sticks either version would be cool Drop me a pm with price etc :buttrock: Cheers Garry
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    Hori !!

    Hi all im looking for replacment parts for a Hori neo fighting stick . The situation is that its really loose im guessing its the spring but im not too sure any ideas would be good. Cheers :help: