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  1. totoro

    WTB last blade AES NtscJ

    I am looking for Last blade 1 Ntscj. Thank you !!
  2. totoro

    wtb megaman the wily wars

    Hi all ! On behalf of a friend i am looking for a cib legit copy of megaman the wily wars. Please get in touch if you want to sell. Thank you for looking!!!
  3. totoro

    giving away star wars knights of the old republic 2 xbox pal

    Title says it all ! Pay for shipping and it's yours. Dont have an xbox anymore so this is untested. However i dont see why it should not work. Oh and it is of course complete with case and manual.
  4. totoro

    WTF is this? A regular business? Who is that clown?:oh_no:
  5. totoro

    WTB mega man the wily wars PAL

    Hi all! I am looking for the game of the title for a good friend of mine,so if you are interested in selling please get in touch. Thank you for your time!
  6. totoro

    Trying to find a jamma cab...

    ....but aint gonna happen localy as it seems so i stumbled upon this French seller that will have stock soon and also does some restoration before delivery. What do you think of the prices?I am completely in the dark as this is gonna be my first attempt...
  7. totoro

    KoF '95 and '01 US Aes

    Hi , Looking for minty US copies of kof '95 and '01 for the AES. Let me know if you have either for sale. Thank you for looking!!!!!!
  8. totoro

    Aes Production run numbers

    I have been trying to find info regarding the production run numbers of neo geo aes no avail... In some old threads Shawn states that snk wanted to keep that info secret... Have things changed?Do we know more now?
  9. totoro

    Help me identify a screenshot

    Thank you !!
  10. totoro

    WTB: metal slug 3 aes US

    Pm me if you got sth for me! Thank you!!!!
  11. totoro

  12. totoro

    WANTED Cadillacs and dinosaurs cps1 original pcb

    Suicide batteries free preferably... and functional of course :) Let me know !! Thank you for looking!!!
  13. totoro

    FT: MINT metal slug 5 japan

    I am looking to trade my mint ms5 Japan. I am rather interested in a mint/near mint ms3 US (+ difference from me) but i am open to suggestions as long as it is a US cart. Send me a pm if you are interested to exchange photos and such.... Thank you!
  14. totoro

    Is it ok to flame and spike selling threads ???

    Lately i have seen this happening a lot ,not only on this site but elsewhere too. So what do you think? Is it acceptable behaviour because prices have gone way up due to the resellers that spoil the hobby or it is just mere rudeness and jealousy?
  15. totoro

    Fs: Last resort aes euro

    For sale last resort euro version. I am looking for 180 euros shipped. Thank you!
  16. totoro

    Samurai shodown IV

    How can i tell if a shamurai shodown IV is the korean or the us version?? Thank you !!
  17. totoro

    Is this Metal Slug 3 AES US Legit???

    Could you tell me if this is a legit cart?
  18. totoro


    Hi, I have decided to go the us route so my japanese aes carts have to go...Bought them both last month from users of this forum! PM me for offers , questions or both :)
  19. totoro

    king of fighters glitch-problem???

    Hello everybody!!! I just sold a king of fighters 2000 which i had bought a month ago ... The buyer claims that at the prologue/intro video lines and squares appear but not while playing the game. What is this supposed to mean?Is it a damaged cart??What is wrong? Any help would be very much...
  20. totoro


    Hello everybody! I am selling the game of the title.No sun fade on the spine.Bought it,played it ,not my cup of tea ,selling it to get another one! Price : 110 euros shipped inside European union (world wide shipping-120...