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    What would you put in your Neo Goldie cab if you owned an upscale bar or lounge?

    one slug, turf masters, viewpoint and maybe kof 2002
  3. Voodoohead

    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK

    Metal manoosh you are killing me 😂😂😂
  4. Voodoohead

    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK

    does that mean there will be some arabic releases ^^
  5. Voodoohead


    Klingt doch recht vernünftig. 🙂👍
  6. Voodoohead

    Arcade collector down?

    wow great heihachi. thx a lot! the source is back :D
  7. Voodoohead

    Arcade collector down?

    Thx for the research. That’s the point. It was an excellent source of pcb pics. Well, maybe someone else takes the time to provide another site.
  8. Voodoohead

    Arcade collector down?

    Come back! One year! 😂😂😂
  9. Voodoohead

    Arcade collector down?

    Ist die Seite dauerhaft down. Kennt ihr ne Alternativseite wo man die pcbs Nachschlagen kann?
  10. Voodoohead HUST keuch HUST

    Ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. 🙂 Die NCI Kopie sind handwerklich schon brauchbar.
  11. Voodoohead

    Wtb US console

    Hey guys, Looking for an us console in mint condition. Just the console . Nothing else. Pm me!
  12. Voodoohead

    FS: US AES Samurai showdown V special FIXED, SVC Chaos

    great seller! go for it! absolutely legit!
  13. Voodoohead

    NBA/NHL 2021 seasons

    Is this the start of a dynasty? What do you think? Other „stars“ could jump on the band wagon.
  14. Voodoohead

    NEO·GEO COLLECTOR'S BIBLE - VOLUME-A // alle stampe!

    Will there be an english version?
  15. Voodoohead

    Kof 2000 us

    Seid ihr in der Sommerpause? Zu spät …. Gekauft 🙂
  16. Voodoohead

    Kof 2000 us

    Kurze Frage. Waren auf den 100 us carts die rausgingen die glänzenden Orginal sticker auf dem cartridge oder matte Repro-Sticker?
  17. Voodoohead

    Back with Speck

    jouuu ^^
  18. Voodoohead HUST keuch HUST

    Corona preisdemie 🙂