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    WTB: Madcatz Versus arcade sticks (BOUNTY OFFERED)

    Just a heads up, someone is selling the connector on ebay (in the U.S) - they have a bunch available.
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    WINNAR! RAFFLE: Custer's Revenge Atari 2600

    I'd like to enter! Thanks!
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    PC Engine/Turbografx Beginner Tips

    Anyone familiar with Mad Stalker Full Metal Force? First I've heard about it was today, checked out some YT vids and apparently it was done by some of the guys behind Guardian Heroes and Asuka 120%? Looks pretty awesome.
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    WTB: FDS Game (understandable for a non-japanese speaker)

    Yea - Konami's output on the FDS is really worth checking out and the main reason I got my Twin. Ai Senshi Nicol, Arumana no Kiseki, and Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa are all great games. Moero Twinbee on the FDS is 3 players at once thanks to the expansion port. Then you have Akumajo Dracula...
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    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    I'm interested too if there's room
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    I was thinking of grabbing a Wonderswan but am sorta confused by the models. Any recommendations on which model to get? Is there a backlit one? Is it worth getting into or are the games too expensive now?
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    WTB: Knuckles Chaotix 32X (Japan MD)

    Woweeee he's an odd request. Looking for a nice, complete copy of Chaotix (aka Knuckles Chaotix) for the 32X. Would also be open to the US version but JPN version is definitely preferred. Can pay via PayPal, also have stuff to trade - PCE, TG16, Famicom, NES, and more.
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    Mega Man Megathon - The Quest to Defeat All Robot Masters

    This thread has been long overdue for an update, but good news! I finished all 10 Mega Man games in 2015! I omitted Mega Man & Bass since 7 & 8 left such a bad taste in my mouth. Blech. Mega Man 9 was amazing. It was a combination of the return to the classic style of Mega Man, coupled with...
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    Hundred+ Famicom Carts Bundle, SFC, MD (Updated prices and added stuff)

    Excellent price on Moon Crystal - glwts
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    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    I just wanted to say that if you own a Vita (and you should if you're in this thread), you should play Freedom Wars. Probably my favorite game on the system next to Persona 4 Golden. That is all!
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    WWE superstars play Windjammers

    I've been following this channel since around E3 - it's really taken off. Helps that they have good taste in games and not just follow all the latest "triple A" releases. Apparently Xavier Woods is also really good at MK: Double Dash :lolz:
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    Post your tated setup.

    ^ That looks amazing - got any video of it running?
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    The Market Purge - ROT Style... Starts post 944.

    That's a serious commitment! Fine, I promise.
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    I just credit-fed this one on the Irem Classics collection I picked up on OSX ($2). I'm always getting the R-Type sequels confused, Delta, Final, Leo. Thought I played this one already, but totally different. It feels a little more like Thunder Force and less like R-Type, but I loved it...
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    The Market Purge - ROT Style... Starts post 944.

    I'd like to have PM abilities back more than Market access, but both would be nice. For some reason messaging was removed with my Marketplace access about a year ago. While I can't promise huge contributions, I do like participating in the Gaming/System sections (and occasionally pop in to chat).
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    PC Engine/Turbografx Beginner Tips

    Maybe check with or and see if they can special order it for you. I got mine for a really reasonable price that way. Ebay is always going to have a premium.
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    Mega Man Megathon - The Quest to Defeat All Robot Masters

    Quick update - Mega Man 3, 4 and 5 beaten! 3 and 4 were in March along with 2, then 5 in April. May marks the last of the NES/Famicom series! Adding Rockman & Forte to the list, my cart arrived alongside MM7 last week.
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    If Sapphire wasn't so stupid-expensive, where would it fall on the scale of PCE Shmups?

    Why is it so expensive - I'm assuming low print run?
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    PC Engine/Turbografx Beginner Tips

    Check out the Valis games - I have 2-4 and 3 is my favorite out of the group. I ordered the original as well, which is a remake.
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    PC Engine/Turbografx Beginner Tips

    Got my cases. They are not the same exact cases in terms of quality, but very very close. Just slightly more bendable when you take em apart and compare piece by piece to the originals. I guess the plastic is not as thick? But once the games are in, they look great. Most of my games look brand...