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  1. neo-geo-mvs

    money puzzle exchanger

    20 euros
  2. neo-geo-mvs

    MidnightPhreaks Pre-Neo Geo Collection/Setup

    Looks amazing!! Congrats
  3. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    How you getting on with it? Looks great
  4. neo-geo-mvs

    Another SNK Book upcoming from Bitmap Books (KOF)

    Looking forward to this. epic series
  5. neo-geo-mvs

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    MVS carts ftw. If you want to "spruce up" your cart collection, buy some red, green, yellow, blue, white/jizz carts etc :ROFLMAO:
  6. neo-geo-mvs

    This guy hit the MVS Jackpot!!!!

    The guy talking is Alex, he's a big collector of Nintendo games. He's not a youtube collector but actually a big fan of Nintendo arcade/console games. It's good that he's got the opportunity to play MVS games and got a good selection of games to try out. The guys involved in the purchase are on...
  7. neo-geo-mvs

    JAG starter Videogames Collection

    Looking good. Nice and clean set-up.
  8. neo-geo-mvs

    Crazykubano update game collection

    Amazing collection for all systems! Never seen so many switch games in a collection. Do you generally go for fully boxed games for the SFC/SNES/MD or have you got loose games too? I would be interested in some PS4 recommendations, that's the system I'm buying for atm. Thanks
  9. neo-geo-mvs

    What was THEEE first Neo game you ever played, MVS/AES

    KOF '94 Still a classic today
  10. neo-geo-mvs

    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    RIP dude, sorry I missed this thread. I enjoyed seeing his collection and rarities.
  11. neo-geo-mvs

    Blazing Strike

    Backgrounds remind me of Capcom vs SNK too. The game sprites look similar at times to Breakers / Revenge as well
  12. neo-geo-mvs

    Kof 2002 MVS cart shell colors?

    I've got a pink KOF 2002. Can't think of any other carts that came in pink? Also check these previous threads;
  13. neo-geo-mvs

    BlackaneseNiNjA's neo junk

    Wow!! Amazing. Liking the layout / organisation of your treasures!!
  14. neo-geo-mvs

    Naika's Collection

    Looking good. Mario All-Stars / Mario World cart was a hard one for me to track down (I buy the US versions). No love for Final Fight?
  15. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    @ Mr. Muggles Ditch the composite cables for that Genesis and join the big tymers and go RGB
  16. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I noticed that too. I loved their art for the Marvel trading cards bitd, Fleer Ultra Spider-Man, Marvel Masterpieces, Fleer Ultra X-Men.
  17. neo-geo-mvs

    BlazePro Neo Geo Bootlegs

    My Ironclad does that as well. Couldn't seem to change into English??
  18. neo-geo-mvs

    Stormy's Neo Stuff

    This, the dude's been trying to get one for years. Nice collection :buttrock:
  19. neo-geo-mvs

    TK´s Living Room

    Still looking awesome. You have skills
  20. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Looks amazing!!! :buttrock: