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  1. TikTekTak

    FS: Some Neo Geo CD games

    Hey guys! Got some doubles again I want to get rid of. Maybe a good opportunity for US members as the Euro is on an all time low atm. Anyway, the goods -> Fatal Fury - JP - 15 - very good King of Fighters 94 - - US - 15 - gamer King of Fighters 96 - US - 25 - very good Samurai Shodown 2 - US...
  2. TikTekTak

    Some new stuff on ebay - Only four days left - Dragon Force US + Castlevania 2 - GB sealed

    Hey guys! New stuff on the bay! Four days left! All but the manual qualifies for free worldwide shipping! Bid away!
  3. TikTekTak

    Tik's big homecart sale - only Samsho left - now for very cheap

    Hey guys! So it has been decided. I've been sitting on some doubles for years now and I think it is time to thin the heard a bit. Some of those homecarts were bought NOS by me, some used, some in gamer's condition. I've made pics of all the games front and back as a starter but more pics are...
  4. TikTekTak

    FS: Neo Geo CD games - good prices

    Hey guys! Now up for grabs are some Neo CD games. King of Fighters 94 - JP - complete - excellent - 10 Euro Samurai Spirits 2 - JP - complete - good - 10 Euro Samurai Shodown 2 - US - complete - gamer - 7 Euro Pics -> Thanks for...
  5. TikTekTak

    New Ebay stuff (23rd of March) - a lot of Mega Drive games - good games in there

    There you go! Maybe it's mainly for the europeans on our little forums but still ->
  6. TikTekTak

    Cave Story 3D + Pac-Man & Galaga - good condition - complete

    Hey guys! I have a spare Cave Story 3DS and Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions up for grabs! Thsoe two will only be sold together as a lot! 60 bucks shipped worldwide for both!
  7. TikTekTak

    Tiktektak's Ebay-Sales (11.11.2013) - New stuff online (SNES, NES, Game Boy, Micro)

    Hey guys! My newest Ebay sales are up and running! Another new Game Boy Micro! A factory sealed Castlevania 2 for Game Boy! SNES - Earth Defense Force and Robocop 3 both new in box! NES - Blaster Master and Solstice also new! I got all this stuff from a stock out sale! Especially the carts...
  8. TikTekTak

    Tiktektak's Ebay sales - May 27th - the last few factory sealed GB games - 1 Euro auctions

    Hey again guys! Now some of my last factory sealed original GB games have to go. I need money to pay some bills! 100% auctions! Everything starts at 1 Euro! Bid away!
  9. TikTekTak

    Tiks Ebaystuff April - new GB games + a new GB Micro + PC Engine + Game Gear stuff

    Hey there! Now for sale are Game Gear games A new unused GB Micro Some new GB games a PC Engine game Regards Seb
  10. TikTekTak

    FS: JP - Saturn games - many fighters - prices negotiable

    This time I have quite some Saturn games for sale. Bought quite a few games some time ago and played much. I'll only keep some of them so now the rest can go. Any interested parties can also offer prices. :) Shipping is extra. Currency is Euro. There we go -> Sakura Wars - 10 Neon Genesis...
  11. TikTekTak

    Strikers 1945+ !Arcade! conversion - differences?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering what differences are between "normal" HQ cons of Strikers and the !Arcade! cons of the same game? Are those of much higher quality when it comes down to insert, manual and cart label? Were there other "special" cons done by !Arcade!?
  12. TikTekTak

    Tiks Ebay stuff - 18.11.12 - Nes games galore - unused

    For all the PAL people and others who collect NES stuff I have quite a few NES CIBs up for auction! Everything starts at 1 Euro! I ship worldwide! Paypal available! Have fun bidding!
  13. TikTekTak

    Ebay: Castlevania 2 - GB - sealed + Master System 2 new

    Anyone interested? Castlevania 2 Master System 2 Bid away!
  14. TikTekTak

    FS: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - US Version - more pics - price update

    Hey guys! Up for grabs is Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the good ol' dreamcast. In my book the best version of them all. It is in excellent condition. The spots on the disc are just dust and there is one small light scratch. Pics: 30 USD shipped from austria around the world takes it. Regards Seb
  15. TikTekTak

    Crossed Sword English NGH

    Ok this seems like a silly question but are there boots of Crossed Swords out there? Can't believe that it would be worth the hassle but I know allready have two copies with not rounded edges on their labels? Or was this common for this game?
  16. TikTekTak

    Wanted: Some NGH games

    Hey there! Looking for some common english homecarts. Samurai Shodown 1 Crossed Swords The Super Spy They need to be complete and in better condition as the ones I currently own. This means better than not too good. ;) So at least very good - excellent!
  17. TikTekTak

    Some issues with homecarts.

    Hey guys! Today I took a closer look at all my homecarts. Not just sticking them in and playing them but really looking for kind nuances when using them. First i have to say. We are not talking about high profile carts here. No Slugs, no Pulstar, etc. Some things I saw. All carts run fine...
  18. TikTekTak

    FS: PS3,360,NES (Stadium Events) - Games/OST

    I need money cause my vacation burned me badly so some stuff is for sale now. :) 360: Blue Dragon PAL-Promo (complete with Manual,Case,Cover) + JP-Version (complete,Case damaged) - 5 Euro XBOX 360 Slim HD case (ideal for installing any 2,5" HD in the slim 360 if you know how) - 10 Euro PS3...
  19. TikTekTak

    Two MVS Kits on Ebay - Viewpoint/Top Hunter - Ends in 19 hours!

    Hey guys! Got two kits on the bay: Viewpoint - US : Top Hunter - US : Some other stuff as well but nothing special.
  20. TikTekTak

    XBOX/PS3 Blowout

    Hey guys! I got some XBOX and 360 stuff lying around which I don't need anymore XBOX: PES 5 - sealed Nightcaster - complete - very good The Thing - complete - very good Buffy - complete - Classics Series - very good Psi-Ops - sealed x 2 Beyond Good and Evil - sealed Those are all PAL and cost...