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  1. Robert

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Would like to see that
  2. Robert

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    watched the shining some days ago. Never seen it before and I ordered a Blu Ray version. I didn't know what to except. It remains an polished work of art filming wise with some questions that still stand answerless. P.S: the scene with the old chap fucking with the pig disguised person let me...
  3. Robert

    Super HD System 3 Pro

    That's quite impressive but more than 230 euros for this system is quite high. A modified PC Engine can be bought for 160 euros even if it won't come with the HDMI port.
  4. Robert

    New Ninja Turtles cartoon looks...

    Thanks for the interesting link. I never figured out how they actually tested the cartoon on kids. it's quite scary in some way. I also think that with 37, I'm not exactly the target audience here. Same for the TMNT new action figures. New generation, new tastes.
  5. Robert

    Secret of Mana remake - the end of an era

    Never played the original one and I didn't even know there was a remake. If I had to make it, I would go for the original everyday but the problem is that it was never released on any console in its original version.
  6. Robert

    Happy Birthday Tung Fu ru

    Happy Birthday man.
  7. Robert

    World Heroes 2 Jet is on PS4 PSN! where is the SNK community support?

    WH2 Jet is an OK+ game. If you like it, just enjoy it and don't try to convince those who don't.
  8. Robert

    Official SNK Neo-Geo Book: NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY ネオジオ〜目で楽しむ軌跡〜 (Publisher Bitmap Books)

    Thanks Frazer99 for your video review. This book looks stunning!! The definitive Neo Geo Artbook. Thanks for sharing
  9. Robert

    Most popular Neo fighting series.

    True, Even if the 100% fighting line up got me bored at the end of the 90's.
  10. Robert

    Quick question about programming a Mayumi 4 with K150 programmer

    Sorry for the noob question but why do you want to program this Mayumi 4 chip?
  11. Robert

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I'll probably go to see Suicide Squad when I'll go back from Holidays. Sounds legit to me.
  12. Robert

    Most popular Neo fighting series.

    The most popular serie is KOF without any doubt. My favorite would be FF for many reasons and MOTW would be the easiest to understand.
  13. Robert

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Nice grab. The Soft cases have a different flavour.
  14. Robert

    2 slot full enclosure

    I don't see what you're planning to do. Could you explain please?
  15. Robert

    ID's Rage (9.13.11)

    I know we are in 2011, but for me cabal-like (or nam75-like for those who don't know the first one) games are still massively toping the FPS genre. Just my 2 cents
  16. Robert

    My new love new pcb!!

    Never seen this set-up before. Looks quite cool
  17. Robert needs your help.

    That's quite a good idea to put together artworks, scans and game infos. This will simplify the searches. I also classification by NGH number. Good job
  18. Robert

    2011 NBA Finals Thread

    You're right.
  19. Robert

    Metal Slug X graphical glitches in Super MVS Converter

    I second that strongly.
  20. Robert

    SOLD: PCE Duo

    Could you be more precise on this point please?