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  1. genjiglove

    Best LED TV's?

    I was planning to buy a new tv sometime this year, my 32" Panasonic isn't really cutting it for me anymore. My plan was to upgrade to a Panasonic plasma, but it seems those will be off the market before I planned to upgrade. Samsung still makes plasmas but a lot of reviews say they have high...
  2. genjiglove

    FS: PS3 Black Friday bundle

    This is the Black Friday bundle that includes The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Origins. Pretty much brand new, neither game has been opened. $200.00 shipped.
  3. genjiglove

    Never mind, sales off

    Changed my mind, sorry guys.
  4. genjiglove

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS3

    This is on sale on PSN right now for 20 bucks. I haven't played a Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2 on the ps2, is this anything like it?
  5. genjiglove

    Hotline Miami

    Anyone else playing this? It's one of the most interesting games I've played in a long time. Dark, 80's inspired atmosphere with some influence from "Drive" in there. Killer soundtrack too. It was PC/Mac only for a while but it just came out on PSN today for ten bucks.
  6. genjiglove

    FS:Qanba six button, dual Sanwa stick (PS3/360/PC)

    Just looking to get rid of these, need some money for dental work and I never use them anyway. HRAP2 SA is sold. The Qanba is only about a year old, maybe the best stick I've ever used personally. I love it, but I'm just not really into fighters anymore. It's not very common to find a six...
  7. genjiglove

    Bethesda games: I just don't get it

    I've tried to get into their huge open world games like Fallout 3 and I find them boring and bland. The dialogue options either make you Mother Teresa or Hitler with no middle ground. I just can't see how people get so absorbed into them. If you like them, why?
  8. genjiglove

    HBO Go question

    My dad has Direct TV and HBO. I bought him a Roku box so he could take advantage of HBO Go but for some reason Direct TV doesn't support Roku products. The you can access it from a 360, but he doesn't have one of those. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other streaming devices that lets...
  9. genjiglove

    Kenji Eno dead at 42 Too bad, this guy made some of the most interesting games of the 32-bit era. They don't make games like his anymore, at least that I'm aware of.
  10. genjiglove

    High score tips for Samsho 2?

    I'm trying to get every achievement in the 360 version of Samsho 2 for some reason, one of which is score 200k points in arcade mode. I can barely clear 150k though, I don't know what else to do to raise points. Any tips?
  11. genjiglove

    Resident Evil 6

    Just wanting to see who is getting the game and what system you'll be buying it for. Taiso and I have pretty much cemented ourselves as top RE5 players of this dimension, I figure we will be doing the same for RE6. But I also want to play with Wes because, well, I love him. Also, there's this...
  12. genjiglove

    MGS4 trophy patch is up

    If anyone cares. Also adds the ability to install the entire game at once, which is much better than the old way. They deleted the MG Online section from the main menu too, for obvious reasons. I still think its kind of weird that they did this at all, but I'm glad they did. I might actually...
  13. genjiglove

    Resident Evil Anthology Good if you are a newcomer to the series. I'll probably skip this just because I own digital versions of 4 and 5 on PS3 and I still have the original PS1 versions of the first three games. But its...
  14. genjiglove

    Just bought Duke Nukem Forever

    For three dollars at Best Buy. Was this game a complete disaster sales wise or what?
  15. genjiglove

    K-Mart clearance sale

    I don't know if this is going on at all stores or just my local one, but I got: X-Men Origins: Wolverine for 12.99 Vanquish for 17.99 Mirror's Edge for 9.99 Viking for 9.99 There were some other decent deals too, like Dead Space 2 for 19.99. You guys might want to check out your local stores.
  16. genjiglove

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    New fighting game needs a new thread. Anyone going to be playing this one online?
  17. genjiglove

    Any good, recent DBZ games?

    Once in a while I get in the mood for the stupid fun that only DBZ can provide. Are there any good next gen DBZ games? The last one I played was Budokai, which was nearly ten years ago and the game isnt really that good.
  18. genjiglove

    Resident Evil 6 announcement coming soon? Heard this one is going to take place in China. I'm probably in the minority at this point, but I really hope this one plays like RE4 and RE5. It seems like the rest of the gaming community would prefer it to play like every...
  19. genjiglove

    The Last of Us

    PS3 exclusive, from the makers of Uncharted:
  20. genjiglove

    Final Fantasy VIII makes a little more sense after reading this I personally think the game was just poorly written, but I love these kind of fan theories.