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  1. 2D_mastur

    Various MVS Carts & NEO SD MVS standard

    I got some stuff to unload. Will be posting some other stuff in the near future. US buyers only. Sorry, International shipping is a bitch. Active members only. PRICES ARE SHIPPED! PP gift or add 4% to price. Shipping can be combined with two carts, excluding NEOSD. If my prices suck, let...
  2. 2D_mastur

    SS2 AES - Any Region

    Should be easy, I hope. Complete please, decent gamer conditon is fine. Let me know shipped price.
  3. 2D_mastur

    WTB : Offcial PS2 controllers

    NOS or good condition. Fully functional, please. Let me know shipped price. Thanks.
  4. 2D_mastur

    WTB : PS2 stick

    I want something at least decent to arcade tier. Shipped price please. Thanks,
  5. 2D_mastur

    WTB OR WTT : Ninja Commando MVS

    Looking to outright buy or trade for Ninja Commando with original label. MVS games for trade : Top Hunter Jap Last Blade 2 Jap NGPC : Snk Gals Fighter (JAP) Also have a fully loaded Terra Onion SD mvs (standard addition). Let me know price or if you are interested in the trade items. Thanks.
  6. 2D_mastur

    WTT : NGCD Pro stick (Bean stick) in good condition.

    I am looking for a bean stick in good to excellent condition, must be in working order. I have a few things up for trade, you can chose one of these: -Old style stick (working, in b+ condition) -FF3 ( SNKG JAP cart) -SS3 ( SNKG JAP cart) -Beast Busters NGPC cart (loose with case) All have...
  7. 2D_mastur

    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    ... and probably never will. -Ghost Pilots -Legend of Success Joe -Any Majong Game -Ninja Combat -League Bowling -Any Soccer (football) game -Power Spikes - Irritating Maze -Blues Journey Off the top of my head...
  8. 2D_mastur

    SNK Characters who are known pedophiles

    I only know of two: Yoshitora Tokugowa (SS) Clown (Karnov's revenge) Both of which I main, in their respective games. I think I am gonna quit playing these guys and cancel them from my character list in 2021. Who else is pedo?
  9. 2D_mastur

    Favorite childhood action figures

    Mainly for those weird 80s-early 90s stuff that you remember fondly. For me, its gotta be Supernaturals. Glow in the dark weapons and fucking holograms.
  10. 2D_mastur

    ALL I WANTED ...

  11. 2D_mastur

    NeoSd Pro MVS no serial? No manual?

    I received my cart in the mail today. There was no paper which listed the serial number. There was a small sticker where the board contacts were ( contained numbers and barcode), but when I tired to register with that number the Terraonion site said that the serial does not exist. Where is the...
  12. 2D_mastur

    (Found an overpriced copy on ebay !) NGPC Gals FIghter US or PAL

    Like all things Neo, people are gouging for this game on e-bay. I used to have this game, but it got lost when I moved . Just looking for naked cart (hopefully with case). Let me know shipped price.
  13. 2D_mastur

    Neo SD Cart label/sticker

    As the title says, looking for an un-used Neo SD label/sticker. I dunno if this matters, but I got a MVS cart. Let me know your price. Thanks,
  14. 2D_mastur

    WTB Sega Saturn Controlller x2

    Good appearance and functionality. Let me know shipped price for these. Thank you,
  15. 2D_mastur

    WTB: MVS KOF 95, KOF 96 and The Last Blade (1)

    Looking to buy these three titles. Legit carts, any region, original labels. Let me know your shipped price. Thank you,
  16. 2D_mastur

    Why haven't homebrew devs done a Beat 'em up yet?

    No I don't mean a fighting game. I mean a beat 'em up ala Final Fight. Is there not a market for beat 'em ups anymore? Are they too hard to develop? We get nothing but tons of shooters, run n guns and puzzle games. Is this where the money is at? The Neo library is lacking anything stellar...
  17. 2D_mastur

    SNK -G carts aka jizz carts

    Just looking to see what people have out there . Especially interested in kof 94 - 98 in jizz cart form. Please let me know your shipped price. Original labels please.
  18. 2D_mastur

    FOUND ! WTB Sengoku 2 JAP AES manual

    I know that stuff like this is hard to find and the only way anybody would sell one is if they didnt have the game to go with it. Obviously would prefer an authentic one that isn't beat the hell up too much. This is one of the few AES games I have that is missing a manual, I dunno why this...
  19. 2D_mastur

    SS2 Sam Sho MVS

    Basic bitch stuff. Mine died, no way to repair. Any region, shipped price.
  20. 2D_mastur

    WTB : Metal Slug 4 MVS

    Original label please. Please let me know shipped price . Thank you,