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  1. jonny419

    FS: Xbox360 Raiden IV, Raiden Fighters, Deathsmiles, others

    Raiden IV (2 disc w/ sndtrk) Raiden Fighters Deathsmiles (2 disc w/ sndtrk) all are NTSC $60 shipped for all 3. US only. paypal is easiest. also have these if interested: Gears of War 3 - $5 BlazBlue Continuum Shift - $5 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $15 $75 shipped for all the games.
  2. jonny419

    FS: Ketsui pcb - SOLD!!! plz close

    Prices include priority shipping with DC anywhere in the UNITED STATES. INT'L shipping is OK, but buyer will pay all additional costs for EMS shipping. Ketsui pcb (bug fixed roms) - $SOLD Dimahoo (jap version in a blue case) - SOLD Battle Garegga (Taiwan board converted to Nippon region) -...
  3. jonny419

    please close

    please close.
  4. jonny419

    WTB/WTTF: E2 2L12B, Astro 2L12B, E2 Mahjong harnesses

    For trade I have a 2L8B E2 panel and another 2L8B E2 panel punched out to be 2L14B. Both panels are in great shape and original... Looking to buy or trade for a 2L12B E2 panel and a 2L12B Astro panel. The latter of which is for a friend. I am only interested in original panels. I would...
  5. jonny419

    FS: 1L6B Blast City panel, Ibara BL art

    US only, USPS Priortity w/ delivery confirmation Ibara Black Label arts - POP, dip sheet, instruction strip (laminated), instruction sheet (laminated) - $45 shipped SOLD 1L6B Blast City control panel, no buttons or stick included - $75 shipped
  6. jonny419

    FS: Apple mighty mouse, FFXII, beer stuff

    Mac Wireless Mighty Mouse available for $40 shipped. model #MA272LL/A very slighty used. PS2 FFXII Collectors Edition - $20 shipped vintage Natural Light beer light (approx. 15.5"x12.5") - $40 shipped assorted beer mirrors (molson:18x15;miller:18x18;lowenbrau:24x18) - $70 shipped for...
  7. jonny419

    1L6B Astro overlay NO PANEL BASE

    1L6B overlay, official Seimitsu reproduction straight from will let go for $40 shipped in US.
  8. jonny419


    bought this about a month ago from Kim Kaphwan here on the boards. boxed FS3 for PS3, still has protective plastic on the face of the stick. stick looks brand new, i didn't even use it. bought to mod, then just bought a VSHG. $45 shipped. Genesis with all cables and 8 games and 2 6 button...
  9. jonny419

    FS:Uo Poko,Blast City parts

    would like to stick the US here, but we'll see with interest 2L12B Konami Windy panel, overlay is slightly crooked as seen in the pics (obviously can't see this with buttons/sticks in). - $70 shipped - ON HOLD Blast City Long locking bracket (HOT-1521). this piece bolts to the control...
  10. jonny419

    Logic Pro 2 pcb

    Logic Pro 2 pcb, works great, no problems. cool minesweeper type game. $45 shipped. pic from klov...
  11. jonny419

    WTB: Aero City marquee holder

    Long shot I know, but if anyone has one or has a lead, please let me know.
  12. jonny419

    WTB: SEGA Aero City marquee holder

    title says it all, looking for one with no cracks or breaks. Post of PM me.
  13. jonny419

    iPhone upgrade in July
  14. jonny419

    The Moment You've All Been Waiting For: DDP PCB

    japanese DDP pcb $350 shipped in the US, priority mail w/ delivery confirmation
  15. jonny419

    FS: NIB 27" tri-sync flat screen Neimen monitor

    drops into SEGA Blast City cabinets by rear mounting the brackets from your existing sanwa monitor. as stated this is NIB and unopened. pick up would be the prefered method, but as it's just in a box, i'll ship if you set it all up. monitor is shown in the link below (that's where i bought it...
  16. jonny419

    FS: Uo Poko $125 shipped

    as title states, US only, includes USPS priority shipping with delivery confirmation. $125
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    thanks to those who purchased. :eye::eye:
  18. jonny419

    US Blast City question.

    Anyone with a Blast City cab that was converted from a Bass Fishing cab should be able to answer this question for me. Can you tell me what the approximate size of the security bolt holes are that were drilled into the cabs shell and service doors to accomodate the ugly lock brackets and...
  19. jonny419

    WTB HOT-2005 2L12B

    anyone have a 2L12B HOT-2005 control panel? no overlay needed unless it's a naomi universal panel in good shape.
  20. jonny419


    wrong forum