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  1. Tighe

    I am giving away a copy of Sengoku for the Neo Geo MVS

    I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel this weekend and am giving this away as thanks. It includes the cart,mini marquee, flyer and instructions. Details are in the video: P3eVgO1Gz_Y
  2. Tighe

    Quarterarcade is selling Repo MVS Control Panel Overlays

    I figured you guys would want to see this, I am not selling them. I am just sharing the link:
  3. Tighe

    Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet

    Hi Everyone, I converted a Virtual Boy into an arcade cabinet inspired after Atari's Battlezone. Blog Post: Youtube: KLOV forums thread about me building it (this has the most information)...
  4. Tighe

    FS/FT: Neo Geo MVS Games/etc.

    I have multiple items I will be listing on this thread as to follow the rules here. I am selling this stuff to raise money to get some of my other arcade machines up and running. I am willing to also trade too. Here is what I have for sale/trade (see below for images and details): 2020 Super...
  5. Tighe

    Anyone Ever Seen a MVS Cart do this??

    So in a score of MVS games I just got there was this World Heroes 2 that the casing was melted from the inside. The game still works, but the graphics and sound are screwed up. Do you think that this can be fixed by replacing the chip? I didn't check to see if it is a ROM. I assume that...
  6. Tighe

    Button Colors: Capcom vs SNK

    OK this isn't a Neo-Geo game, but I am sure you guys would have an opinion on this. I recently restored this Namoi with CVS. According to the manual the button color configuration is this: This is mirrored from the Neo setup. Even though the button colors are mirrored what they do is the...
  7. Tighe

    Swapping the B and C Buttons on a Neo Geo MVS

    I don't know about anyone else, but playing KOF etc games on the MVS with the buttons in the following configuration is frustrating: (light punch) (light kick) (hard punch) (hard kick) or A B C D Now I am pretty sure that I remember seeing dedicated KOF and SVC Chaos candy cabinets from...
  8. Tighe

    I would love this, but I sure to get flamed here :-)

    I wish someone would make a SD based cartridge for the MVS/AES like the Acekard for the DS. It would be even more awesome if it were double-sided one side had AES connection and the other the has a MVS connection. Almost if you put these protos in the machine from "The Fly" and then upgraded...
  9. Tighe

    A True Neo Fan

    Sorry if this was posted here before, but this is TOO funny!
  10. Tighe

    Can't leave feedback

    I was trying to leave feedback for bustedstr8 and I get this error: There were the following errors: * The deal URL is invalid! I was using this as the deal url: I will now wait to be flamed. :-)
  11. Tighe

    Help a person who asked me a question on Youtube

    I got this message via youtube today: neo geo 120 in 1 Hello my good sir! I recently got myself a 120 in 1 cart from and a mvs converter .v2 from the neostore. Congrads' right? No sir! I get a menu and can move through the game titles, but cannot start any game. I am hoping...
  12. Tighe

    NEED ADVICE - Looking for a real Samurai Shodown 1

    I really don't want to buy a bootleg or hacked cart, I found these auctions on ebay and I was wondering which ones seem to have the highest probability of being a real USA cart? This one seems fake This one seems to be more authentic Is this a USA version? I know you can set the region in...
  13. Tighe

    Chart to help choose the right Neo Geo Multi Cart

    Hi Everyone, I created several charts to help compare the different MVS multi carts out there. I took the list of offical Neo Geo MVS games on wikipedia and used it for the a better comparison. I am not sure if the list is accurate, but it was super helpful in weeding out the ROM hacks. The...
  14. Tighe

    Why can't I post

    I know I am new, but why can't I post without approval by admin?