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  1. Robert

    Xbox 360 zone question

    I have just flashed in front the new raiden game released on Xbox 360 and I wanted to know I can play the game (the JPN version) on a Euro version. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Robert

    Living in Adu Dhabi: yay or nay?

    I have a job opportunity in the U.A.E and I wanted to know your opinion about this place. It would be in Abu Dhabi for a french company. I don't know anything about the country and I'm puzzled between the global wealth of the area which could give me very good life standards and the lack of...
  3. Robert

    Members creating their own electronic music

    I used to make a few songs with my old Amiga 500 but it's a long time since I haven't touched a music software. Since I'm listening more and more electro recently, I wonder if some here were creating their own tracks. If so and if you don't mind, please share your MP3 files in this thread in...
  4. Robert

    A little thread about FFIV advance

    I bought the game in december and I'm still addicted to it. I bought the official guide recently to be sure that I will see everything and every single hour is bliss. FFIV was the only SFC period FF I didn't play and I didn't know what I missed. I can't really compare with the original version...
  5. Robert

    Who like the famicom mini collection??

    I already got Paletuna's mirror (Kid Icarus) and I bought Wrecking Crew for christmas. I really like this collection. First of all, the package is really cool (MUCH better than the euro/USA nes classic). I like the way you get a small famicom box inside the plastic cover. Second, the game...
  6. Robert

    What is your favorite time/place to play?

    I wonder when and where the board members are playing their games. Personnally, I'm not a late night gamer. I like to play for an hour or two after the dinner to relax from my day before going to sleep. Even if I have a GBA SP, I don't play that much outside of my house. I used to play in the...
  7. Robert

    What sequel would you choose?

    Within those three sequels, which one would you choose and why?
  8. Robert

    If you had to give some money to a NGO, which one would you choose?

    There are so many causes to support or so many organizations supporting the same cause that sometimes I wonder if people who are willing to give are not lost. I never gave money (except a couple of euros in some events organized by the red cross) but during my travels abroad I have seen tons of...
  9. Robert

    Do you often pre order games?

    As far as I remember, the only game I preodered was FF I&II for GBA when it was released in France. It's not that I have something against this system but I never really felt like I had to. So if you pre order often, please explain why and where if you have a good place to.
  10. Robert

    Do you pay attention to your post count or your rank?

    Honestly, I like my three stars. Not for the showing off purpose but more because it gives a kind of army rank style I like. Sadly it's based on the post count so a +1 poster can get one within some months (when some old members still don't have one). I would rather see a system based on the...
  11. Robert

    I played Shining force on GBA yesterday and it's quite good.

    I got it from a bargain bin a while ago (I bought it because the name sounded familiar) and I gave it a try yesterday. I was hooked for some hours!! The game style is pure 16 bit style when it comes to graphics and music. I think it's better than FF I&II for the graphics and animations but the...
  12. Robert

    What's your dressing style?

    Since I'm working in Egypt, I'm always wearing the same kind of clothes at work: -Lacoste polo or Ralph Lauren polo -Jean -JM Wetson mocassin shoes. What's your style?
  13. Robert

    Do you still fear AIDS?

    I was very surprised to see that my last two sex partners didn't care about me putting condoms. I was the one who had to ask them to stop and I took one from my wallet. I remember that 5 or 6 years ago, all the girls asked for condoms if the guys forgot it. I didn't ask why they didn't want me...
  14. Robert

    What is your favorite form of art?

    The more it goes and the more I am into painting. Egypt is quite poor when it comes to art museum (I don't speak about historical museum) so I haven't been to an exposition for a while. I'm not into a period or a movement in particular but I admit that I have some attractions for the modern...
  15. Robert

    When you want to get some news, where do you go and why??

    With the huge amount of websites dedicated to news all over the world, I wanted to know which one you choose when you want to know what is happening in your country or in the world itself. I usually go to since it has a nice front page with a clear overview of all the different...
  16. Robert

    Do you think that the area of war in occident is over?

    It mind sound crazy but I often ask myself this question. We have many reason to think that we are safe (european union, nuclear bombs preventing from attacks, non-aggression pacts, etc..) but the human kind is still the human kind and history proved that we never learn from our mistake. I...
  17. Robert

    What is the food specialty of your city/region???

    The ramadan has started (I work in Egypt now that's why I care) and people are cooking special meals for this event so I thought about making a thread where everyone could explain what are the food specialties of their city/region. My city (Troyes) has a kind of sausage called andouillette made...
  18. Robert

    How would (did) you name your children??

    The title says all. Please explain if there is a particular reason. I don't have children yet but if I had, it would be: Boy: Pierre (French version of Peter) Girl: Claire Since I'm a teenager I always thought that I would name my boy with the name of one of the 12 apostles. I'm not into...
  19. Robert

    If you could live in an other country, which one would it be?

    Name the country and the reason why you would choose it. I lived in Atlanta for 6 months and I had a big love affair there. I was doing reasearch at Georgia Tech at this time and I think I could have get a good job with all the professionnal contacts I got from GT. I had to finish my studies in...
  20. Robert

    Supergun for the newbies

    I'm going to buy a supergun (I don't know from whom) when I will go back to france in december and I wanted to know if there is a website that explain everything about the supergun and the arcade games in general. I don't want something to build your own supergun, I just want something that...