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  1. MonoTekETeA

    [2/26/11]Winter Brawl 5 Midnight Garou Tournament. Phila PA

    Hey guys, Winter Brawl 5 is coming up in the Philadelphia Area, and I am running a Garou Tournament from one of the rooms me and my friends get in the hotel. It will be held on a AWSD cab, with options of Neo/PS2 ports for your own sticks. Entry will probably be $5 or $3 dollers. Just...
  2. MonoTekETeA

    WTT: MVS-1C for MVS-1F

    If anyone is willing to trade, let me know. I have a 1C, and would like a 1F.
  3. MonoTekETeA

    North East Championships XI Phila, PA. Dec 4 & 5th

    Hey guys, I am running a Garou:MoTW Tournament at NEC this year. The registration fee for NEC is $20, and the Garou tournament will be a $5 buy in. I understand everyone is strapped for cash these...
  4. MonoTekETeA

    WTB Naomi PSU with Audio Amp.

    Hey, I am looking to pick one up for my AWSD so I can audio my 360 currently running on it. Let me know how much you are looking to get for it, and I'll get back to you, thanks! -Jeremy
  5. MonoTekETeA

    WTB: Repro/Official 2P12/16B CP that will fit Atomiswave

    Pretty much in the title. I want a 2 player CP that does at least 12 buttons. I wouldn't mind a repro at all, and have been thinking of contacting a metal shop to do it for me. I might even prefer it, considering it would be cheaper. But don't shy away official owners, let me know. I don't care...
  6. MonoTekETeA

    Happy Birthday KagarouSama!

    Saw that it was your Birthday and figured I would give you a shout out. Thanks for being my first positive transaction on the forums. Grats on another year and still kick'n. -Jeremy
  7. MonoTekETeA

    KRK Rockit 5s for sale.

    Specs: I have a pair that I just don't use, they just sit around looking pretty. I'd be willing to let them go for $160 if anyone wants them. They both have the original packaging also. I unsure what shipping would run, but that can be figured out. Let...
  8. MonoTekETeA

    Hori 360 Stick and PS2 Demo Kiosk.

    ****NEWLY ADDED***** Hori Xbox 360 Arcade Stick added! Near Mint, only used once. $50 Shipped Howdy guys, trying to free up space (for Chris1's Gold cab if this sells fast enough). I have a PS2 metal demo unit for sale. I was planning on making it into a slim profile Mame Machine, but that...
  9. MonoTekETeA


    I just got this fresh from Japan, and don't have the money to keep it. Edit: This is a Japanese System. Included are: The Neo Geo CD, all ports tested and in working condition. The Neo Geo CD original box, with matching serials and owners manual. The original two paddles and power supply. A...
  10. MonoTekETeA

    Could I mod this for VGA on any system?

    Check this out. Could I open it up and solder other systems' cords to the inside and get vga out of them? Or would it not be that simple. I just think about how they can make universal cords for A/V and S-Video, so I figured why not. What do the real tech minds say?
  11. MonoTekETeA

    Mission Re-Start: Mono's bedroom Sweep. (Updated 4/28)

    I will be adding things to this list as time goes on. This was bed room: And Now: Yes, as you can see, my room is still a dump, and severe...
  12. MonoTekETeA

    Crazy ass weather...

    I hope ya'll in texas are doing ok with the hale storm and people in the south IN area are cool with that earthquake. Rock and roll, stay safe.
  13. MonoTekETeA

    For all you Minnesota kats (Not my sale.)

    Craig's List listing, some one give this guy a call, Zupapa for only $50, hoo-ah! -Jeremy
  14. MonoTekETeA

    WTB Sqr. Block of Happ Ultimate.

    I need to buy this piece: The one in my stick is nearly 10 years old and needs replacing. I don't know if this is the exact stick and piece, but it looks like it would work. Thanks a bunch! -Jeremy
  15. MonoTekETeA

    Mission Start!: Mono's Bedroom sweep. (As seen on Digital Press)

    I will be adding things to this list as time goes on. This is my bed room: Yes, as you can see it is a dump, and severe cleaning measures need to be activated. So here we go. (This is my first time doing any dealings on the forum, so this will also be my first chance to achieve any feedback.)...
  16. MonoTekETeA

    Woohoo! First arcade! (Go ahead post yours!)

    Figured why not let everyone show off their pride and joy of a first cabinet! Heres mine: Though it isn't a Neo-Geo cab, which I tried about 5 times to achieve from 5 different occasions, all fell through, but I got a great deal on this: Nintendo VS. dual arcade cab Castlevania chipset with...
  17. MonoTekETeA

    Nintendo VS. to JAMMA.

    Howdy howdy, I just got my hands on a dual monitor Nintendo VS. cab, and of course want to stick a MVS board in on of the sides. Unfortuatly, it seems I can only find JAMMA to Nintendo VS, and not the other way around, unless the adapters work both ways? Thanks for the help! -Jeremy Speer