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  1. tsukaesugi

    SNK UFO Catcher

    While looking through my cell phone photos for pictures for this thread, I found this: This is an authentic SNK UFO Catcher ("UFO Catcher" is the generic Japanese name for the use-a-claw-to-try-and-catch-a-prize games you sometimes see in arcades). This particular picture is a couple of...
  2. tsukaesugi

    SNK Famicom Games

    Climbed into the Closet of Death (TM) this afternoon and dug out my Famiclone and a few old Famicom games. First up was "Great Tank". Spent a good thirty minutes or so on it, but eventually gave up due to frustration. That's a hard little game. I think it would have been much more playable if...
  3. tsukaesugi

    Capcom Chief Makes Mark in Wine
  4. tsukaesugi

    Achievement Point Game

    Here's a cute little flash game that requires you to get 100% of the achievements on a level, in order to clear the level. Neat idea and good for killing time at work:
  5. tsukaesugi

    Lord of the Rings: Conquest

    Anyone else download the demo for Lord of the Rings: Conquest? I was very hyped when I heard a new LOTR game was coming out from Pandemic. I loved both Battlefront games, and I've always loved Tolkien (I just finished reading "The Children of Hurin"), so I thought this would be a match made in...
  6. tsukaesugi

    Article: The Demise of the Japanese Game Center

    An article about the demise of video game arcades appeared in today's Japan Times. It's true, sadly, the number of arcades in this country has been decreasing quite steadily over the last ten years or so. In just the past four years, three arcades that I used to frequent are now gone. The game...
  7. tsukaesugi

    Linguistic Experiment Part 2

    I had a bit of a eureka moment in the bathtub, and realized that I'm going to have to collect a little more data in order to write my article up properly. I went into work, collated all your answers, analyzed them in terms of speech acts, and then used that analysis to create a set of five...
  8. tsukaesugi

    Linguistic Experiment - Data Collection Ended

    I'm conducting an experiment for an article I'm writing and I need to collect some data from English speakers. Rather than try and elicit anonymous volunteers over the Internet I thought I'd let you guys have a crack at it first. I can't explain the nature of the experiment or the article yet...
  9. tsukaesugi

    Kuroko in Samurai Spirits Tenka

    I finally unlocked Kuroko in Samurai Spirits Tenka. As soon as I had unlocked him, the first thing I did was fire him up in Practice Mode and check out his movelist. The bad news is that gameplay wise he's a completely different from the Kuroko we knew and loved in SS2. The good news is that...
  10. tsukaesugi

    New Studio Ghibli Movie: Gake No Ue No Ponyo

    There's a new Studio Ghibli movie coming out this month, and it's being directed by Hayao Miyazaki himself. It's called "Gake No Ue No Ponyo", and the English subtitle is "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea". Alas, this time around it looks like Studio Ghibli made a movie for children. I'm sure the...
  11. tsukaesugi

    6 Dead in Akihabara Killing Spree

    Another random killing spree has occurred, this time in Akihabara. Just saw a live report on the TV now. A 25-year-old man plowed a truck into a street closed off for pedestrians, then got out and started attacking people with a survival knife before he was finally tackled by the police. 6...
  12. tsukaesugi

    Change the Description of General Discussion

    Changing the description of General Discussion would probably result in a lot less non-Neo-Geo threads getting started there. Tak's sticky in GD ought to help cut down on the number of these "unrelated topics", but part of the reason why people keep posting them is because the General...
  13. tsukaesugi

    Lost Planet: Colonies

    I've been playing hella Lost Planet online recently. I hadn't touched it in ages, but I decided to start playing again in anticipation of Lost Planet: Colonies. Lost Planet has to be the hardest multiplayer game I've ever played. The people who are good at that game are brutally good (especially...
  14. tsukaesugi

    We Got a Porn Posting Spambot

    ...either that or it's someone's fake account. The link is most definitely NSFW:
  15. tsukaesugi

    Japanese "Gamer" Goes on Killing Spree

    Yesterday a 24-year-old man went on a stabbing spree at a small train station in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki (a little north of Tokyo). He'd already stabbed a man in his neighbourhood, then took a train to Akihabara, then went back up to Tsuchiura and started stabbing people at random at a train station...
  16. tsukaesugi

    Halo 3 on Legendary

    Anyone here completed Halo 3 on Legendary? I'm doing a run through at the moment, and right now I'm in the middle of Mission 6 (The Ark). I've never played the other two Halos on Legendary, so I was expecting it to be much harder than it's turning out - there are no endlessly respawning enemies...
  17. tsukaesugi

    "Ownage Burst" flash shooter

    A friend of mine sent me a link to this little flash shooter demo. Despite the goofy name, it's kinda fun. It seems to me like the bastard child of Shock Troopers and Metal Slug. Don't know how new (or old) this is - I searched the forums, but couldn't...
  18. tsukaesugi

    Street Fighter 3rd Strike - Q's Origin

    I was flipping through some old manga from the 70's and 80's in a book store the other day when I spotted the spitting image of "Q" from 3rd Strike: Robot Detective K. I'm assuming "K" is what the 3rd Strike designers based the "Q" character on. The series "Robot Detective" was a manga first...
  19. tsukaesugi

    Shikigami No Shiro 3 coming for XBox360, WII

    Finally this is getting a console port. Two in fact. It's all in Japanese so you'll have to take my word for it, but... it says that they'll be previewing this and a Nintendo DS RPG called "Days of Innocence" at Tokyo Game Show this weekend.
  20. tsukaesugi

    Happy Birthday Ubermodderkommandant Takumaji

    standing handshake + A beer