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  1. Sol_Badguy01


    Yes thank you, thank you. After surviving MKUltra, And destroyed families /friendships, relations, and Life ruined I can only say it was a rough one, but I'm Thankful to have a home to come to. Now, without further or due... LETS ROCK!!!
  2. Sol_Badguy01

    Metal Slug Defense

    I know it's old, but surprised I haven't seen a msd thread. Anywho, too bad Attack got all the new characters( they switched server style because of the hackers)cuz even though its technically a successor if they defended to make a metal slug defense 2, they'd get ALOT more sales... Thoughts...
  3. Sol_Badguy01

    There was nothing wrong with game com

    Why yall hatin?:crying::D
  4. Sol_Badguy01

    Kof coliseum

    Even the guys who were on Max Impact...:drool: I only relish the thought...:crying:
  5. Sol_Badguy01

    Battle Coliseum....

    I know I'm late but,.... OMG!!!!! :buttrock: :multi_co: :multi_co: :multi_co: :multi_co: :multi_co: :eek: :drool:
  6. Sol_Badguy01

    So,whutcha think of KOF:Maximum Impact?

    I was gonna make a game similar,but in any case this game has my vote :buttrock:
  7. Sol_Badguy01

    I had NO idea translating japanese was so hard

    I see why america doesn't have many translators(lol) but if I can pull it off it will pay off(BIG)
  8. Sol_Badguy01

    Buh-Bye,Reggie White

    And he's gone. damn,he was quite the player. :( :( :crying:
  9. Sol_Badguy01

    Makin video games

    So,people have their own ideas and thoughts towards video games. So do I, and I soon plan to become my own gaming company/industry,(I'm in college for the shit now)so I'm not asking you all to tell me your ideas and such,just asking if anyone's intrested in becoming a game developer/designer in...
  10. Sol_Badguy01

    So,How do yew feel bout the stankin war?

    From my point of view history is being made and I'm living through it,kinda odd though,concidering the fact that I live in northern jersey,which is not far from new york,and I feel somwhut threatened if a bombing attack were to happen. But, I also think that bush is indeed an idiot,for even...
  11. Sol_Badguy01 mom passed away....

    alright. it's not everyday yew guys hear sumthin like this but yeah. she's gone. and i'm gonna find ways to try and vent my sadness so i can keep my mind offa her going away,so...any advice?
  12. Sol_Badguy01

    HI,just another newbie...I'm sorry I didn't join sooner...

    Hey all I'm I'm not,but I wish I was...anyway, I'm new as yew all can tell. :cool: so how's it going for you all?