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  1. HellioN

    So I saw this cool thing at the Gaming Con today.

    Saturn "Pluto" prototype. Least that what they were calling it. Some cool stuff for sure!
  2. HellioN

    Working Designs games plus other stuff.

    Selling these Working Designs games plus some other stuff. Prices are pretty firm. NO TRADES. Check/Money order is fine but you have to wait till they clear. Ill take PayPal +the 5% as well. If you want more specific pictures message me. Prices include USPS priority shipping, if you want...
  3. HellioN

    Goodbye and Godspeed (NES/SNES creator dead)

    Masayuki Uemura dies at 78
  4. HellioN

    Why did the Firearm enthusiast thread get closed/locked?

    It is one of my favorite threads here? What's up?
  5. HellioN

    Any investors here?

    So I have $1000, I know its not much but I would like to do something with it. I know there are ways to make it "work" for me. Just not too sure where to get started. Thanks.
  6. HellioN

    Bad day for hockey fans
  7. HellioN

    Good VGA box?

    Can anyone reccomend a good VGA box? Thanks.
  8. HellioN

    Monitor question

    If I make the appropriate cables could I use THIS to play my Neo on? Thanks.
  9. HellioN

    My stand on not giving a fuck.

  10. HellioN

    No Wii
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    Fizz it up! Finally A use for diet coke.
  13. HellioN

    Bye bye UMD movies? Discuss.
  14. HellioN

    Thinking of an MP3 player,

    I think I have it narrowed it down to these 2, And My minimalist side pushes me more tward the MP-X. The iriver has A screen & built in radio. I mostly want this for...
  15. HellioN

    AES & MVS stuff for sale

    I have for sale A JP AES. Serial # 106632 Original PSU & AV cable. Unmodded, But I will include A 40 pin socket so you can mod it yourself. One old style stick. Clean, in good condition, gold lettering on stick is faded. No box or manuals but am including A carry case. (not the pink lined one...
  16. HellioN

    Inside the intel I-Mac
  17. HellioN

    Any SGI users here?

    Freind gave me an old SGI O2 computer. Something is not right with it. (won't boot) I am wondering if any of you know anything about SGI computers and could help me out. Specifically where I can find a copy of irix. I don't know witch version. All I really know is that the prossesor is mips...
  18. HellioN

    Nintendo screw driver?

    Whare can I get the 3 winged screw driver that nintendo is using with their controllers, gba, DS, ect, ect? Thanks.
  19. HellioN

    New source for extension cables. Tested these with A old style stick, CD pad, Hacked Pelican stick, & A MAS stick. All worked on AES & my MV-1. I know what your thinking, So what. Well the Female end of these cables is extra long, As in you do not have to modify them to make...
  20. HellioN

    Question about League Bowling...

    Ok, I know I can link the MVS version of the game for 4 player fun, But... Can I link the Home cart version? And if so, Can I link the home cart with the MVS for 4 player action? Thanks.