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  1. Craig

    HBD Gutsdozer

    It's not until tomorrow, but I can't have Arcademan beating me to it. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.... Gutsy So HBD to the secret Santa savior, Megaman lore specialist, and my best friend. Stupid bitch. @GutsDozer
  2. Craig

    HBD stupid bitch number 1 aka gutsdozer

    Shares the same birthday as his Lord.... Couldn't let arcademan beat me to this one. HBD stupid bitch...
  3. Craig

    HBD Gutzdozer

    HBD homie... Sharing a birthday with your lord, I bet he always steals the show. Have a good one, you fucking meatball.
  4. Craig

    Free Okami HD ps3 code

    Noobs, and stupid bitches need not apply... Not sure if you are a stupid bitch or not? Post here and find out.
  5. Craig

    Free Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 3ds code give away

    No stupid bitches Got an extra one of these codes... Established members only... No leeches. I'm also gonna assume the code will only work on a USA 3ds. Was gonna give it to gutz, but he never answered the phone. Rough living being the Gutzdozer.
  6. Craig

    No video through I/O on Naomi

    Got a naomi set up... Mobo, netdimm, sun psu, sega jamma/jvs I/O... Jamma harness powering the I/O and the sun psu powering the naomi. All voltages are good... Tried to hook it up in the cab with dip 1 up for low res, and got no picture... Hooked the mobo directly to my pc monitor with dip 1...
  7. Craig

    The Beef Easy...

    Mardi Gras 2016
  8. Craig

    HBD long hair, bearded fuck...

    Born on this day thousands of years ago... Gutzdozer, Happy birthday you stupid bitch...
  9. Craig

    Happy birthday Gutz!!!!

    You fucking olive stomping, meatball eating, stupid dago bitch... Have a good one bro.
  10. Craig

    Lethal League

    This shit looks amazing to me and the music is 'bout it as fuck. demo/prototype/proof of concept here Anyone else think this looks good?
  11. Craig

    clock going crazy on mvs

    turned on the cab today and my settings werent saved. I went into the service menu and the clock is going crazy, like literaly days pass in minutes. Its a 4 slot mvs with a 2.3 uni bios. I've tried clearing the backup ram a few times, but no dice. Any ideas?
  12. Craig

    KOF '98 online on GGPO

    I know that emulation is pretty frowned upon around here,but.... KOF '98 was just added to GGPO. GGPO is an arcade emulator that excels at lag free matches, no more Kailerra bullshit. I just played a few matches and it works almost flawlessly. check it out
  13. Craig

    Drive thru Sushi.

    The guy in front of me at a red light yesterday, decided that he was tired of driving. He proceeded to park his truck into the local Chin-Wah. I pulled over to see if I could help, which I couldnt, so I took some pics. Enjoy.