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  1. Fygee

    SNK Sound Team performing @ EVO 2022

    Enjoy. Appearances by SNK legends Hori_Hori and SHA-V.
  2. Fygee

    Diablo Immortal is a giant pile of shit.

    Blizzard went full, shameless micro-transaction hell with the new Diablo game. "Do you guys have phones?" is no longer the most embarrassing thing in relation to it. It's been calculated that you need to spent over $100k US dollars to fully max a character, or play F2P for 10 years.
  3. Fygee

    Footage of Heavyweight Champ (1976) found.

    Footage of Sega's Heavyweight Champ has been posted on YT, circa an old 1977 news report on arcades at the time. For those not aware, its considered to be the very first fighting game and has been lost to time for decades with no surviving cabinets or video footage. The only remnant of its...
  4. Fygee

    Finally got a god damned PS5

    A year and a half of clicking, monitoring Twitter feeds, hoping I'd get a Sony invite, and it finally happened. How shitty of a state we're in that it's that damn hard to get a current gen console. What kills me is I was finally able to get one from a friend's brand spanking new PS account...
  5. Fygee

    US version of the Neo-50

    Was feeling nostalgic and watched an old SNK promo video from 1992 that many of us here have no doubt watched before. However, something caught my eye when watching it this time around. @13:57, there appears to be a US red cab version of the Neo-50. The console looks just like a regular 4-slot...
  6. Fygee

    Matt McMuscles covers KOF 12's failure.

    Cool video with a lot of insight on how KOF 12 failed, and subsequently how KOF 13 "failed".
  7. Fygee

    Ganryu 2: Mushashi Boogaloo

    The sequel to the really obscure Neo-Geo game no one asked for is coming out for the PS4.
  8. Fygee

    Fight stick recommendations for X|S|X and PC

    Looking to get a high quality fight stick that won't annihilate my wallet. Ideally one that's compatible with both the Xbox Series X and PC. Bonus if the joystick has clicky microswitches, or it can be replaced with one that is. KOF 15 is totally balls with the Xbox thumbstick and d-pad...
  9. Fygee

    WTB 6-slot MVS board

    Looking to purchase a loose 6-slot MVS board, either functional or in repairable condition.
  10. Fygee

    Neo-Geo cutscenes up 4K

    Youtube Channel called Green Tea Gaming has a bunch of clips featuring AI upscaled cutscenes. Lots of Capcom, but a decent chunk of SNK games too. Safe to say this is being done with recorded footage, but if there was a way to have this happen while playing the game in real-time, it would look...
  11. Fygee

    Q&A with Michael Beard, OG SNK Voice Actor

    Hi folks. Looking for some questions from the community to pass along to Michael Beard, who is gracious enough to participate. He was one of the original American VAs for SNK back in the early 90s who lent his voice to a good number of early titles (Fatal Fury 1/2/Special, Art of Fighting 1/2...
  12. Fygee

    Metal Slug Commander released.

    It's another mobile gacha game. Yay. This time it's 5 on 5 combat only. Otherwise the gameplay is fairly similar to Metal Slug Defense and Assault. Get cards to represent units, upgrade their ranks with dupes, upgrade their equipment, pay all kinds of money to actually have fun, etc. Developed...
  13. Fygee

    Metal Slug Tactics announced.

    Looks to be a fun title, currently only scheduled for release on Steam. Most importantly, it doesn't look like it'll have microtransation P2W BS. It's being published by DotEmu and developed by French company Leikir Studio. Music is being done by Tee Lopes who composed for Sonic Mania, League...
  14. Fygee

    NeoSD MVS Pro now available.

    Heads up that you can now order it via their website. It's not on Stone Age Gamer yet btw. Per their Twitter, this is a one and done production fun.
  15. Fygee

    New LGR video about using arcade boards @ home, including the MVS.

    LGR released a new video this morning covering arcade boards, and the litany of accessories you can use to play them at home. Good chunk of it is Neo related. Lots of great information, and as always with his tech videos, really enjoyable to watch.
  16. Fygee

    MVS 6 slot cabinet control panel question. Prototype cabinet?

    I'm working on restoring my six slot big red, and noticed something really peculiar. The holes in the metal part of the control panel look to be off, with some of them missing. The old CPO artwork had two holes drilled on the side so it would attach to the holes in the metal, and jutted out of...
  17. Fygee

    MVS-2-13 mini cab.

    Looking for one of the red holy grails, the Neo-Geo MVS mini cabiniet. Shot in the dark considering how rare it is, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask. Bonus if it's in Vegas. Condition isn't important as long as it's restorable.
  18. Fygee

    NBA 19/20 Season

    Figured I'd start a thread here since there doesn't appear to be one here for this season's basketed balls sportsing. Been a wild start. The Suns went from basement dwelling to awesome much to everyone's surprise, and beat Philly to kill their undefeated status. Miami and Boston are...
  19. Fygee

    MVS 4-Slot issues: Pixel garbage and constant resetting.

    I recently restored my big red 4-slot rev 3 cab, and now it won't work correctly. When I turn the machine on with a cold boot and no carts, I'll get the standard crossline screen asking to do a soft RAM reset or inspect the RAM. Note that its running UniBIOS 3.2. On a cold boot with any carts...
  20. Fygee

    WTB Memory Card/Headphones hardware for rev. 3 4-slot Big Red.

    Restoring a 4-slot rev.3 Big Red cabinet, and it curiously had the memory card reader and headphones hardware removed at some point. Looking to purchase functional replacement hardware for it.