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  1. donluca

    AES / MVS prices

    Game Gear. And I'm waiting anxiously for it to jump in price so I can finally offload my collection which has been gathering dust as my poor GG died years ago due to the damn caps. I tried to repair it but the damage was unbelievable, those pieces of shit leaked and made a mess and even ate...
  2. donluca

    What would you put in your Neo Goldie cab if you owned an upscale bar or lounge?

    Puzzle Bobble Metal Slug Samurai Shodown 2 Aero Fighters 3 EDIT: and Twinkle Star Sprites
  3. donluca

    Proposta per far rinascere la sezione italiana

    Io ci sono sempre, latente, ma ci sono. Purtroppo alla fine quello che prevedevo è successo e sta succedendo anche nel forum principale, solo che al posto dei social media ora c'è Discord perchè, ovviamente, anche un gruppo facebook è troppo "lento" per le nuove generazioni e hanno bisogno...
  4. donluca

    aging MVS owners: here comes a new challenger?

    Yeah, this is a very personal thing and probably related to how you played whatever you had back then. For me arcade games were played in the arcade, which means giant cabs with huge monitors and my face right up to it. Console games were always played in my bedroom with a small 14-15" TV, and...
  5. donluca

    aging MVS owners: here comes a new challenger?

    When I first got my MVS I used to play it on my Sony BVM monitor but somehow, even with a very precise replica arcade stick I made, it wasn't the same thing. Neo needs to be played on a giant 29" CRT monitor with your face just inches from it and a proper arcade control panel, otherwise, for me...
  6. donluca

    The 161 in 1 - hope for a better multicart?

    If you really have to go down the chinese bootleg multicart route, I'd personally advise non to go for the 161-in-1 as every single ROM has been modified to accomodate the in-game reset which means we'll never know if the games in it are legit dumps or bad dumps/hacks. In the 138-in-1 most of...
  7. donluca

    Metal Slug Mania - Coming in March

    MS3 would have been an absolute masterpiece as a console game. As an arcade game, it is needlessly long. But if you play it at home without the stress that you need to finish it all in one go and use save states it's actually a great game. There are also some parts where, even if memorizing...
  8. donluca

    Rare Factory-Sealed Games Discovered After 27 Years In Storage

    That was my first thought when I read about this yesterday.
  9. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Yeah, even if they remain some simple technical demo they are very impressive. I was always amazed at the SFA2 port on the SNES, I wonder if we'll ever be able to see that on the MD.
  10. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    The reason for all of those new games/ports for the Mega Drive is the new SDK which has made programming for the MD much easier, it is called SGDK. Here's a nice recap of what's been done with it in 2021 (and earlier) and some stuff is mighty impressive:
  11. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Oh right I had KoF98 as well on the PS1! I don't remember playing it much for some reason, but I still definitely have it somewhere.
  12. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Discovering that Metal Slug X existed on PS1 completely blew my mind back then. I know it wasn't MS2 (2>X), but hey... metal slug on PS1! I played the hell out of the game.
  13. donluca

    New Breakers Collection trailer + Beta test announced for online 2P versus & rollback netcode

    This is awesome! I loved Breakers back in the day but never actually played it against someone else, I'll definitely pick this up and see how I far against other people (I'll lose 99% of the matches because I'm terrible).
  14. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Indeed. If you look hard enough, you'll find that there are tons of "tech demos" floating around with very few of them becoming actual fully working games. Metal Slug at least is looking promising, they are making progress and released a playable demo.
  15. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Looks like they implemented scrolling as well This is shaping up nicely, the scrolling is nice and smooth even with several sprites on screen.
  16. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    That's why I put the "maybe" in the title. I've seen such demos for quite some time and they seldom went behind some proof of concept or a single playable level. They could always cheat and use the MegaCD if ROM space became a problem, but other limitations are still at play.
  17. donluca

    Metal Slug is (maybe) being ported to Mega Drive

    Just came across this today: It's a demo and, of course, it's pretty whack, but hey! It looks nice! It is being done with SGDK, I'm really curious to see what they'll manage to do with it.
  18. donluca

    One game, just one.

    Metal Slug 2, easily.
  19. donluca

    Samurai Shodown V Perfect releases on eXa Arcadia

    Is it? Does it mean that anyone with an arcade cab, a legit MVS motherboard and cartridge can profit from it? This might sound like a dumb question, but I'm not 100% sure this would be the case in all countries.
  20. donluca

    Hot takes

    Better != more enjoyable I personally recognize SF3 Third Strike as a better game than SSF2 Turbo, but I enjoy the latter more.