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    neo geo mvs big red color bleed in one corner. Fix?

    +1 just needs some tuning.
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    Now with pics. Power supply question. Neo Mv-u4 cab

    It would appear that is just your AC line. Hit them with a meter or just follow the lines coming in and out. Should be pretty easy. H= Hot N= Negative FG = Field Ground
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    Now with pics. Power supply question. Neo Mv-u4 cab

    FG is field ground. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from my old U4 showing the wiring off the PS-I would just follow the wires from the PS to their locations. Shouldn't take more than five minutes.
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    my work's new gameroom

    Nice, fun setup. My former office arcade is how I got into the hobby. We bought a few machines for the office and they were a hit. They were great for when we had clients and potential clients in.
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    Does this CPS2 need phoenixing?

    +1 as Mitsurugi-W stated the suicide screen is nothing like this -
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    What does this mean? Package at ISC New York

    Generally USPS tracking updates at each scan facility, when it is picked up, when it is sorted, when it leaves the country, when it clears the next country's customs, when it is delivered. It's no different than UPS, except they don't mark it "out for delivery" or have that happy little arrow...
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    Genesis DOESn't work right...

    I get that if a cart I pick up/use is dirty. Sometimes, I'll grab something new put it aside and forget that I haven't cleaned the contacts. As others have mentioned, a little rubbing alcohol and some q-tips goes a long way.
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    Neo Candy Club

    K-2 very nice pickup. Your collection of SNK cabs is ever growing! Is this one staying at home or going to your pal's place?
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    neo Mv u4 25" cabinet problems. monitor doesnt turn on

    A little clarification. Are you getting sound from the board/(s) AKA is it playing blind? Is there neckglow on the tube? When you say it sounds like it wants to come on what do you mean? I may be wrong here as it has been a long time since I looked at the way the U4 is situated, but generally...
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    Maybe buying an MVS, need advise

    As others have mentioned, in that price range you can get yourself a nice dedicated cab. If you aren't in a rush I would wait. If you have any local ops around you I would check with them as they usually have quite a few Neo cabs laying around in various states of disrepair.
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    Buy a MVS Harness??

    People list neo kits for sale from time to time. I am sure if you look on the various forums some may turn up. What is wrong with the harness you have? Unless it was cut and hacked it should be good to use.
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    washing boards?

    I generally go the simple green-toothbrush then distilled water route. I'll either put them outside in the summer to dry or leave them sit upside down for a week. I have yet to try the oven method or the infamous dishwashing method.
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    Possible to remove paint from Arcade Stick ?

    Nail polish remover, maybe citrus strip. Then hit it with some novus and try and buff out the scratches.
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    OPERATION:candy cab Rescue

    Congrats on the pickups! The great thing about candy cabs is as long as you are patient and willing to put in the elbow grease they tend to clean up really well.
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    Egret II/Jamma Sound Issue?

    I would check your grounds. It could also be a voltage compatibility issue. Check the pinout to make sure you have the voltages needed.
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    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    Sorry that you lost out on the Tent. While I do enjoy the VS system, I way prefer the PC-10. It just has a better selection of games and you can now buy the NES adapter for it expanding the library by quite a bit.
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    Memory Card Label Sticker Replacement

    +1 for Jasen, I bought a couple of these and they look fab.
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    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    Without really seeing the condition it's hard to make a statement on pricing. The Castlevania board will run you over $100 on its own. We paid $550 for the Red Tent we got for our office. It came with like 5 games and was in really great shape. We have a Nintendo hungry crown where I live so...
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    TC-RM251S monitor chassis problem

    Hmmm, maybe I gave you the wrong location. I no longer have my U4, I'll go back over and look at my photos and see if any provide better detail.. Do you see a set of jumpers labled with the above mentioned frequencies? They should be next to one another.
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    One Man's Insanity - Naomi Universal Restoration Thread

    Great story and a really amazing job on the restoration process!