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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    Unfortunately was away for the weekend but looked like a great time! Count me in for the next one!
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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    Darn! Just saw this, I actually live right around the corner in Skippack
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    Game Swap June 27th King of Prussia, PA Who's going?

    I'll be there- Excited for my first swap meet in ages.
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    Stock market -GME

    Curious to see what is going to happen tomorrow. The short interest seems to have fallen, is it just institutions covering newer shorts from Jan with algos going nuts as a result?
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    CMV1B consolized MVS on Indiegogo

    Looks like they ripped it off
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    Neo Geo Mini $29.99 on Amazon

    Small world, fellow Golden Ram!
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    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

    Looks like Antonio is now supplying Neo-Geo controllers for both his version and the official mister setups now for those that prefer that route.
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    This new Sega thing on April 17th (Terraonion Direct 2020)

    I feel like the smart thing to do would be to sell my GDEMU and Phoebe while they are still worth a good chunk of money as this looks like it is superior by most measures. Only thing is I don't know if the hassle of switching a MODE out between two consoles would be a major annoyance, even if it...
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    AES joystick worn out - how to replace?

    Great! Just ordered one tonight. Thanks
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    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

    Just a heads up Antonio is now selling DB15 adapters which allow for no latency neo input!
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    AES joystick worn out - how to replace?

    Hey all- recently purchased an AES stick, and the joystick is pretty worn out. There is a decent amount of “wiggle” before the actuator hits the switches. I’ve seen mods where the joystick was replaced, though couldn’t dig up any info on how or what joystick was being swapped out. Does anybody...
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    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

    Only reason I wouldn't be sure of it is the genesis 6 button controller uses a multiplexer to achieve so many inputs on a db9, while the neo doesn't need one since it uses the DB15 standard which is where I would assume things would get confusing. I tried padhacking a junky "fighting putt" 6...
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    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

    Does anybody know if Antonio Villena's Mister DB9 Neo Core support all 4 face buttons? On the surface, it would seem that it only would support 3 given the number of pins but not sure if that's actually the case.