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    Hi, I bought an AES a few years ago with Samurai Spirits 2 and KOF 94...Id like to play my AES more, but am not looking to spend the $$$ most AES games cost...I just dont play my AES as often as my PS4 so I cant justify spending the $$$ I know there are some cheaper AES games around...i mostly...
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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary - PS4

    just picked this up and played this for a couple of didnt feel exactly like the CPS2/CPS3 versions...but it was pretty matches did feel laggy... i have all the console ports, this did feel like the best port so far...esp 3rd strike... just wanted to post here to see...
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    WTB: Saturn RJ45 cable

    Hello...i just picked up a Saturn and would love to be able to use my PS360+ fightstick, does anyone have a spare RJ45 Saturn cable or know someone willing to build one?
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    FS: CPS2 boards: AVP and Xmen vs. Street Fighter

    Hello all...I'd like to sell two of my B boards, feel free to shoot me an offer if you're interested and/or if my prices seem off. I tested both boards this morning and everything worked fine. Buyer pays shipping or I could meet up with you if you're around the Bay Area. Alien vs Predator (blue...