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  1. Heath

    FS - Flip Shot Kit ~ MVS ~ Japanese Version

    Flip Shot - Complete MVS kit - Japanese version Looks new. £50 - that's over 90% cheaper than the Neo Store and over 98% lower than KPJ...... UK - Postage ï½£4.99 Europe - ï½£14.99
  2. Heath

    FS ~ MVS Games

    All legit boards and labels Breakers Revenge(holo) - £55(SOLD) Ninja Masters - £60(SOLD) Shock Troopers 2nd W/Shock - £45 Baseball Stars - £12 Samurai Shodown V - £35 World Heroes - £12 obo on all Postage UK - £5 Europe - £14.99 ISF Buyer pays the 4%
  3. Heath

    FS - Neo Geo CD/Pocket Games

    Neo Geo CD Games Euro/US Aggressors of Dark Combat - £8(SOLD) Fatal Fury Special - £7(SOLD) Mutation Nation - £34(SOLD) Samurai Shodown 2 - £8 Sengoku - £48 Double Dragon - £10 World Heroes 1 - (SOLD) World Heroes 2 - (SOLD) Super Sidekicks 3 - £10(SOLD) Fatal Fury 2 - £5(SOLD) Jap World...
  4. Heath

    Happy Birthday rcantor77

    Have a good one buddy.
  5. Heath

    SOLD - Metal Slug X Japanese Homecart ~ SOLD

    Way over spent this month so selling this which ive recently purchased. Case - Very Good, Plastic cover is a little loose, also has the odd mark. Insert - Very Good Cart - Very Good, Some minor insertion marks Manual - Excellent, Includes regi card One on left for sale No new...
  6. Heath

    FS - Pal Dreamcast Game's ~ UK Based

    Selling some Pal Dreamcast games. mostly commons so i'd say £3-£4 each? Mostly have broken hinges/cracks. most complete with manuals. I'll try and get a list together over the weekend. Say £1 postage UK, Europe £2, US £4
  7. Heath

    Super MVS Converter II Sound Issue

    Hey people, Have a sound issue on my converter, tried it on 3 different systems and get the same problem:scratch: Cheers
  8. Heath

    FS - 8 Shockboxes

    Most have slightly split down the spines, one shown is probably the worst one. £35 for all. £15 postage - UK only
  9. Heath

    Red Bull Stratos Live Now
  10. Heath

    WTB Magician Lord MVS

    Got the artwork & box. just need the cart.
  11. Heath

    FS - Sega Saturn "This Is Cool" Skeleton Console - Boxed

    Hey guys, Ive sold the last of my Saturn shooters so this is up for grabs. Jap Sega Saturn Skeleton console in awesome conditon. Includes Controller, Power Lead, AV Lead & Manuals Take £130obo for it Postage UK - £9.99 Europe - I'll have a look
  12. Heath

    Selling Off My Neo Geo Collection

    Hey guys, Decided to sell off some of my collection. First up my MVS games Thrash Rally - £80 King Of Fighters 2002 - £60(SOLD) 8man - £75 Ghost Pilots - £65 each(SOLD) Magician Lord - £55(SOLD) Neo Turfmasters - £60 Pop N Bounce - £80 Stakes Winner 2 - £20 Sengoku 3 - £110(SOLD) King Of...
  13. Heath

    100 Home Carts For Sale On Ebay

    Not mine. Be interesting to see what this lot sells for. allready on £3k
  14. Heath

    FS - Blazing Star & ST's MVS Kit's

    First up Blazing Star Serial numbers - 003540 Complete kit Box - 7/10 - Nice clean label but some moron puntured some holes on one side Cart - 8/10 - Again very clean label, shell has some marks & some minor sticker peel. Artset - 9/10 - Includes baggie £150obo Shock Troopers...
  15. Heath

    SOLD - Samurai Shodown III ~ Home Cart ~ US version SOLD

    Selling my spare copy of Sam Sho III US version. Overall in excellent condition Snaplock/Insert - 9/10 - Couple of minor marks to plastic Cart - 9/10 - Minor insertion marks on the front Manual - 9/10 - Includes baggie £145obo Postage in UK is free, europe is £14.99(Tracked)...
  16. Heath

    (SOLD) - Bang 2 Busters ~ Home Cart ~ US Version

    Hey all, Selling my US version of B2B, purchased this from Hoop Jones a while ago. its number 088/100. Its in near mint condition, been kept in a protective sleeve since i purchased it. £550 obo, cant exactly remember what i paid for it. i'll have a look. Postage UK £6.99...
  17. Heath

    SCP-087 - Experimental Horror Game

    Come across this game on you tube, all you have to do is keep going down the stairs. Turn your volume up. PC - Mac - Apologies if its been posted before.
  18. Heath

    FS ~ SVC Chaos US Cart SOLD

    SVC Chaos US Insert - Has like a small crease on the spine(2mm) 8/10 Cart - Minor marks - 8/10 Manual - Includes Baggie - 9/10 Asking £160obo Postage in UK - £6.99 Europe - £14.99 Buyer pays 4%
  19. Heath

    FS - DC Border Down LE £120 ~ Nintendo Wii Console £50

    Hey guys, Selling a few items, first up Border Down LE for the Dreamcast - CIB W/spincard, fantastic condition 9/10. £120 Wii Console Includes Controllers, PSU & AV leads. Just missing the sensor bar. Works fine, just some mnor marks to the casing. £50
  20. Heath

    Xbox 360 Console 250GB Slim (UK Model) (SOLD)

    Hey guys, Selling this 250gb 360 slim console, fully boxed with all cables, controller & manuals. In great condition. Asking £150obo posted in UK , buyer payes the 4%.