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  1. RBjakeSpecial

    *SOLD* Getting Rid of AES Collection $460 SHIPPED (US only) all Gamer Condition

    *SOLD* Just moved house and am going to finally get rid of my humble Neo Geo collection. Here is what is included with the condition: Neo Geo Japanese Home System 4 controllers (3 lima beans, 1 original controller not pictured, will add) 1 Japanese AC Adapter 1 American AC Adapter 1 Sega...
  2. RBjakeSpecial

    1988 Memoreis: Anyone else get Double Dragon free with their Master System?

    FINALLY! I thought I was the only one. My parents did it for me. It took so long to come that I forgot all about it. I was having a crap day at school, I came home and the package was there waiting for us. My mom was like, "There might be something for you in that package."
  3. RBjakeSpecial

    1988 Memoreis: Anyone else get Double Dragon free with their Master System?

    I have two brothers. The day we got our free Double Dragon in the mail was like a second Christmas. Unlimited lives until the last level (level 4). The whip lady coming out of the door and the ability to take her whip! Love this game.
  4. RBjakeSpecial

    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

    I've bought the PHB, MM, and DMG now and ran 3 games with all of the official 5E rules. I love it. I ran a conversion of G1 (Against the Giants) and the first two parts of the adventure with the Starter Set. This Sunday I'm going to run a conversion of D1 (continuing the G1-3 story line)...
  5. RBjakeSpecial

    Sold Kof 96 AES Rip on spine

    Great! Thank you for the suggestion. If it doesn't sell.. I'll just have to play some IORI TEAM while drinking non-alcoholic beer.
  6. RBjakeSpecial

    Sold Kof 96 AES Rip on spine

    Sold $60 shipped [/ATTACH]21425[/ATTACH]
  7. RBjakeSpecial

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Just picked up a Sony Trinitron. KV-27FV310 It looks great! Picked it up for 25 bucks.
  8. RBjakeSpecial

    Post Your Guitars (Weird Guitars)

    My dad gave me these weird guitars. I love them. Post your guitars. I have a few more, I'll post them up later.
  9. RBjakeSpecial

    KOF 98 is coming to Steam

    Just pre-purchased (foolish I KNOW). It looks like it unlocks on December 12th. Let's hope it's a smooth launch and we can get some KOF going on. Now I just need to relearn how to play the game... I remember loving that Shermie. I liked her a lot better in 2k2 (which I think is also coming to...
  10. RBjakeSpecial

    FS: Reduced Prices / New Stuff! NeoGeo Pocket, Megadrive, NES, ETC.

    Last Bump! I've been moving everything over to ebay. Check out the NeoGeo pocket stuff! Reduced prices (Genesis and NES carts). Going to remove old items soon and put them on eBay. Reason for selling: Need money to fuel my desire for neo geo games. I recently moved back to America and found...
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    I'm back in Seattle dudes. Anyone want to play some Sam Sho? Hit me up.
  12. RBjakeSpecial

    Found: Samurai Spirits 3 AES JPN

    Found Sam Spirits 3.
  13. RBjakeSpecial

    Persona 4 Golden (Vita)

    Just started getting back into this game. I bought it when it came out, but put it down and never got back to it. I'm on the second dungeon now and finding the story really compelling so far. Has anyone else played this? How long did it take you to beat it? What did you think? I tried playing...
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    I just started this crack fest of a game. Is anyone playing on a server? Would be wicked to have a server to play on. Is anyone else into this? For those that haven't seen it yet:
  15. RBjakeSpecial

    First wheels

    This isn't a picture of the car. It's almost impossible to find a stock Prelude on image search. My first car was a '97 Honda Prelude. The thing was a beast. I bought it used for about 12k at the time (I came into some money and the timing was right) and then sold it to my brother. It was way...
  16. RBjakeSpecial

    Dariusburst PSP

    I haven't played shooters in years. I recently downloaded Dariusburst on my Vita, I bought it when it came out in 2009 - was it really that long ago?? I've unlocked the first ship, Burst Mode, and Mission Mode. I found out I need to beat Burst Mode to unlock the third Legacy ship. I don't...
  17. RBjakeSpecial

    Chivalry: Medieval Combat This is my new jam. I'll be on Steam playing this Friday and Saturday night (US time). Free weekend on steam and half off.