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  1. complexz

    The Movieland movie (a upcoming film about my local oldschool arcade)

    Every friday night a group of us oldschool SF players go downtown to the historic local arcade movieland. Beer is drank, weed is smoked and bitches get shoryukened all night in a awesome atmosphere of friends and weirdo downtown characters. To my surprise one of the regulars, my friend zach is...
  2. complexz

    Neogeo MPC fun UPDATED

    in the christmas get thread I mentioned sampling the neogeo chimes to make a beat with my new MPC-1000 and I didn't upload for a few weeks as I was too busy just learning and practicing with everything. I went back to those old samples I made on day one and finally made something to upload with...
  3. complexz

    DAYTONAAAA (psn/xboxlive)

    dug my steering wheel out of storage to finally stop neglecting daytona on psn but alas it seems this absolutely timeless game is not quite so timeless to people on psn :( nobody is playing online at all. I'd love to get some races in with people if anyone else also regrets not playing online...
  4. complexz

    RGB or component to CPU monitor, best options?

    a friend of mine is planning on moving to japan and he was asking me advice as he would like to get a evo monitor(asus VH236H) and use it for basically everything from saturn to ps3. I don't think this monitor will support the basic RGB to VGA adapter that just separates the sync and amplifies...
  5. complexz

    sony PVM advice

    hey guys, not sure if this is the optimal thread for this question but I seen this ad and was hoping someone with a little more monitor knowledge than I could confirm it would be a good display for some oldschool consoles and such. I...
  6. complexz

    house of the dead 4 PSN(and a little relevant ps move discussion)

    before talking about how great it is to play a new house of the dead game I'm going to give a few details of the move catered towards arcade nerdy people like me who are more interested in how the setup works for light gun ports than FPS games and dancing shit. a friend brought his move over...
  7. complexz


    well I bought this game to support mike Z and ggpo considering it's so cheap for what it is.... but damn, this game is pretty awesome and really is graphically on the same level as KOFXIII. better netcode than basically anything... for 15 bucks. worry not if you are like me and don't dig the...
  8. complexz

    Pixeljunk sidescroller

    picked this up on psn as it was on sale for only 5 or 6 bucks. I never know what to expect with western developed shooters, but god damn this game is quality! the gameplay is straightforward with no crazy physics gimmicks or anything like that. The soundtrack is awesome! playing this game with...
  9. complexz

    FLYING WARRIORS(hiryu no ken series appretiation)

    I was recently reminded of a childhood favorite NES game that I have pretty much forgotten about. As a kid I remember renting this game just because it was something I had never played, looked like a corney ass generic super hero game. but to my surprise what I really got was some kinda...
  10. complexz

    GGPO, seriously guys.

    why is not playing shit on ggpo? is awesome netcode on fatal fury special not fucking awesome to anyone else? PM me or something if you actually like playing your neogeo games with other people sometimes!
  11. complexz

    Genesis version of fatal fury 2= possible best version?

    I was watching some combo videos for fatal fury special the other day when I noticed some fatal fury 2 combo videos linked in the related videos, Fatal fury 2 is REALLY not a very combo friendly game so I had to click out of curiosity. wow, it looks like takara took some big liberties with the...
  12. complexz

    WTB: fighters history dynamite MVS + maybe others

    hi there, got a lil extra money just sitting in my paypal and I don't see this game for sale much. Looking for cart or cart+ mini only. if you have it and will let it go for 30 shipped I will take it. same deal for breakers revenge, I might consider other carts in the 20-25 dollar value...
  13. complexz

    Vancouver riot 2011 photos

    My girlfriend linked me to a facebook group full of photos of these idiots, I saved some of the crazier ones to share. LOL how surreal, really hope my favorite arcade is alrite.
  14. complexz

    PCE DUO bundle

    Unfortunately I don't play this thing quite frequently enough and I can't really afford to go buying the other games that I want right now, so I think its time me and my PCE part ways. It's definitely the neatest console I own though so It pains me to get rid of it but I am broke and can't...
  15. complexz

    search function

    When using the search functions little drop down menu within the general discussion area for example, the text box is white and the text color is white, so its tuff to see what is typed. just a heads up in case nobody noticed. thanks
  16. complexz

    SOCOM4 anyone?

    damn no socom4 thread yet? no interest at all? :( I'm picking this up this month instead of MK as marvel is still fresh to me and its been a few years since I got into some socom fun, one of the only online shooters to suck me in since the quake trilogy. This game might be overshadowed by its...
  17. complexz

    Light guns!

    Recently I picked up a couple of guncon2's for cheap and grabbed up every time crisis title I could find. This is some of the most fun I've had in a videogame in years, real arcade style exciting fun, none of that bullshit sit back in your couch time consuming moderately entertained FPS "fun"...
  18. complexz

    lizard lick alternatives?

    I was gonna grab a few sanwa JLW's this month but it seems lizard lick is out of stock. do you guys know anyone else who carries JLW's? you can find JLF's or seimitsu LS 40's all over the damn place but lizard lick was the only place I seen carrying the JLW's
  19. complexz

    +5 for optical joystick

    I recently had to remove a stick from my cab and I have a old happ perfect 360 joystick laying around I could use temporarily. But I honestly don't know where I get the +5 connection from. my cab is a 2 slot original neo-geo cab. I see a few +5 connections on the jamma harness pinout but I...
  20. complexz

    8man after is badass

    I was having a conversation about bad ass revenge stories with a friend and I remembered how much I love 8man after. To me its as classic as anime gets, but I think I am alone in this opinion as I can't even find a bloody trailer for it online or anything. I guess its understandable, it doesn't...