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  1. cools

    Mini marquee bundle

    Everything in the picture, £17 shipped worldwide via paypal gift. No splits. Open to trades. Note I can respond to PMs for approximately the next 16 hours, after which I will be offline for a week. I have a shipping window available tomorrow morning if you're quick to deal with, but after...
  2. cools

    MVS bits - carts, arts, minis, shockbox

    Got the following spares. You get everything in the photo - no splits (unless it's for say - 5 or 6 items). Prices excluding postage, I'm in the UK. Open to offers/trades. Take everything for £50 ex postage. Mini marquees £15 Arts £20 Shockbox £8 Metal Slug £25 Puzzle De Pon £25
  3. cools

    WTD: MVS stuff

    Garou Mini Marquee Metal Slug Mini Marquee Shock Troopers Mini Marquee Super Dodge Ball cart Magical Drop 3 Mini Marquee Twinkle Star Sprites Mini Marquee Have stuff to trade or cash.
  4. cools

    WTB: Mini Marquees

    Garou Twinkle Star Sprites Magical Drop 3 Puzzle Bobble Metal Slug Shock Troopers League Bowling Must be in good condition with only very minor fading or damage. English preferred but not essential.
  5. cools

    WTD: Mini Marquees & Carts

    Looking for the following mini marquees: Blazing Star Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Magical Drop III Twinkle Star Sprites Puzzle Bobble English preferred but Japanese also ok, uncracked with minimum fading/yellowing. And the following carts: Super Dodge Ball Street Hoop Neo Turf Masters World...
  6. cools

    WTB: MVS Minis

    Looking for original minis for the following: Blazing Star Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Magical Drop III Metal Slug X Puzzle de Pon R Would prefer English, but also interested in the Japanese. Don't mind where you're located as long as the condition is good :D
  7. cools

    FS: Neo Turf Masters serial 000950 bootlegs

    Managed to acquire 2 of these during my hunt for a cheap NTM. Great condition, intact original (bootleg) label, fully working. Difficult to spot as a boot unless you look very closely or open them up. £15 a piece shipped in the UK.
  8. cools

    Twinklestar Sprites high score table

    Can anyone give me a rational explanation as to why it only saves scores for the current day? Power off as much as you want while the date is the same and the score table saves, but as soon as one day flips to the next the table is wiped out. :very_ang:
  9. cools

    FS/FT: MVS carts (UK)

    Prices include postage to regions as stated. Note: I do my best to post during weekdays but can only guarantee postage on a Saturday! Always open to offers. I'll ship internationally at cost. PayPal gift/PP +4%/bank transfer only. The King Of Fighters 96 (English Label) - £20 (inc UK postage)...
  10. cools

    Orrimarrko = great!

    Thanks for an easy, well packed, quickly shipped transaction :D
  11. cools

    Wtd: English label MVS carts

    I'm after the following three, with serials intact, reasonable condition labels: Last Blade Neo Mr Do Metal Slug X Prefer to trade for them, but happy enough to pay if I've got nothing you want (MVS or otherwise)
  12. cools

    FS: PCBs, Kits, Art

    Prices include UK postage. Everything is tested working and in great condition - any flaws are noted. Open to offers and trades (wants list at the bottom). If I'm way off on pricing (too high or too low ;)) please let me know. Note: my packaging supplies are limited at the moment - I may take a...
  13. cools

    WTB: MV-1B in the UK

    As title. Don't care what BIOS it has nor how dirty, as long as it works and is undamaged. Cheap as possible :)