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  1. Setherial

    Out of Interest... Who here still believes in a Higher Power & goes to...

    I believe in Gaming, does that count?
  2. Setherial

    Ratson is turning 47!

    Congrats homie! You are getting free entrance to our beautiful West Korea!
  3. Setherial

    So what is this black history month thing?

    I got my ears that it is still there in the US. Can you explain to this European why and how? How does the month look like? Festivals and such?
  4. Setherial

    This is how we party, in the Russian club!

  5. Setherial

    Best Grand Theft Auto

    So, which one is the best ever made?
  6. Setherial

    Knight Fight (IMCF)

    Just discovered this, who else enjoys this? F41xH9mRlso
  7. Setherial

    New Clayfighter would be awesome!

    A new Clayfighter would be a cool thing. I played the shit out of that game on the SNES. What do you guys think of the idea?
  8. Setherial

    Tekken producer wants it's own Samurai Spirits game

    Will he succeed?
  9. Setherial

    How real America thinks and not what the elite thinks

    Not sure if it's been posted here before, but it seems interesting for you guys. All of the outcomes have sources to back it up.
  10. Setherial

    It's Ratson's motherfucking birthday!

    You get old nigga, old!:D
  11. Setherial

    ITT: Let's get funky!

  12. Setherial

    Eten draadje!

    Plaats hier alles over je favoriete gerechten, restaurants ed. Of ga je wellicht eten, het kan allemaal! Ikzelf heb net wat broodjes gegeten met jam. Hier dronk ik thee bij, jullie?
  13. Setherial

    Dragon Ball Z: Butidon 2 Jap

    I see that he sells it for €20 which is about $27,14. Is this game that common? I thought perhaps it was worth more... And yes, I own the game, and no I don't put it on ebay...