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    CHAOS FIELD GAMECUBE coming to US! Notice how of all the versions of the game that exist, the GC is the only one called "Chaos Field Expanded" (even seen on the cover they show at right) yet IGN contemplates whether the GC version has anything extra. This shmup isn't...
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    Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory for PSP

    This game ships in the US today. Any opinions? It seems like a dungeon crawler type game but in a cyberpunk setting, yet with monsters. Much like Shadowrun or Megami Tensei game. Seems potentially badass.
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    Newest SNK US statement (Re-Bout!!)

    """"""""""SNK PLAYMORE USA Assaults Xbox Live With Four New Games in 2005 An Entire SNK Arcade Library, All Tournament Enabled WALL, NJ. – April 26, 2005 – SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION, the US publishing arm of the SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, announced today that they will unleash four new games...
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    D A I O H

    DAIOH is a verticle shmup developed by Athena. It was published in the US by American Sammy in 1993. It's great fun. The pacing and feel of everything is like something of a mix between Sky Soldiers and Raiden II. What's cool about this game is it has SIX buttons, lined up like a Street...
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    De-register my handle.

    I finally came to the realization that I strongly dislike almost everyone on this site. Those I don't I can contact through other means. Delete this thing.
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    De-register my handle.

    I finally came to the realization that I strongly dislike almost everyone on this site. Those I don't I can contact through other means. Delete this thing.
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    Black Matrix AD and Evil Twin (Dreamcast)...

    Anyone know anything about these? Been meaning to pick them up for a long time now but I haven't learned enough about them. Can Black Matrix AD be figured out with minimal Japanese knowledge? Any good faqs for it?
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    Slap chimpmeister around.

    Look at his posts over the past few months. He's exactly the same as Drift King EX except replace "Sega" with "X-Box." Longevity on the board aside why is he still allowed to post here when this behavior has continued for almost a year?
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    Wes Craven's They

    Short and sweet. See this movie ASAP. Good concept, good balance between shock moments and atmosphere. Outstanding direction. Great CONSTANT use of shadows, etc. Not incredible but way above average considering how shitty horror movies have been in general for the past several years...
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    Wesker's been busy...

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Dr. Tillmann and Dr...
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    "Gamer" expectations discussion.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I don't expect all of you to read this entire link so I'll post up the notable content right here (the game being...
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    Is an abbreviation for mercenaries. What fun abbreviations do you know of?
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    "'Kin' of Fighters" posters...

    A few days ago someone posted one of these in a thread asking if it was official or not. Just wanted to post up that no, they're not. The ones that have a team on each poster are Shinkiro's KoF'96 artwork with a flame pattern on the back. I think these originated either in NYC Chinatown or...
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    MOTHER @#$@#($&*# SONY!!!

    My friend and I are sitting here in the apartment WITH CONTRA: SHATTERED SOLDIER and it WON'T FUCKING WORK BECAUSE THIS @#$*&^@( PS2 WON'T LOAD THE GODDAMN DISK. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. We're off to GayStop now to get a new Shattered Soldier in case and to bring the PS2 there and FUCKING BREAK IT...
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    I got to play Metroid Prime for a while!

    Get this ASAP, the atmosphere is thick enough to cut with a chainsaw O_O; Plus the doors still get opened by being shot :D It controls much better than I expected too AND Samus keeps several of the mannerisms she had Super Metroid, like when you hold the R-Trigger to manually aim she puts...
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    It'll be Halloween soon! Talk about horror games! :D

    Man, I never played Silent Hill 2 OR the original until four days ago. The same goes for one of my friends at college with Eternal Darkness and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. He brought his Silent Hill stuff up, I brought up my Gamecube/etc. stuff. This has not been condusive to learning...
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    Martial Champion comes to Gamecube?! O_O;

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> W T F ? If this is what I'm praying for Titi will be back! :D Classified as a "sports" game though so it'll probably just be some generic...
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    Drift King......

    Is a really cool racing game on the PSX, aka Tokyo Highway Battle. What do you all think of it?
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    KoF2K DC :D

    At 10AM today I picked up my copy of KoF2KDC! It freaking rules! :D Discuss. Anyways I'm very impressed. I don't have the Neo Geo version side by side to compare but I will soon. At the moment everything looks exact and load times are next to none once you get in the game. Screen fades...
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    Virtual Boy is is a sweet system

    Virtual Boy is a good system because it has many good games like Mario Tennis and Tele-Boxer. I like it a lot let's name the rare Virtual Boy games: All of them except Mario Clash and Red Alarm. I like this sytem a lot and lot because it made me need to have LASIK performed on both of my corneas.