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  1. BeefJerky

    OFFICIAL Video Game Street Art Thread!

    There have been some posts here and there about Metal Slug themed street murals on the forum. They're pretty rad. Let's conglomerate ALL teh gamez in to this thread. I found an Oddworld and Earthworm Jim mural while I was wandering around the Five Points neighborhood of Denver last Friday...
  2. BeefJerky

    ALL SOLD: Wii, GC, PS1, SNES and Genesis consoles/games!

    EVERYTHING HAS SOLD! GO HOME! Wii console bundle - GC compatible Wii, letterbombed (with SD card), 1 wiimote and nunchuk, 1 classic controller, 3rd party component cables. I'll toss in: Metroid: Other M, Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil 4 and Pandora's Tower. - $90 - SOLD Wii and GC - ALL CIB...
  3. BeefJerky

    Custom Neo Sticks

    So I was going to take a crack at building some sticks for my CMVS. I found this layout from the HardMVS website... It looks fine, my only question is if it's up to snuff with the control panel of an actual big red cabinet. There were cab manuals on...
  4. BeefJerky

    FOUND: Baseball Stars 2 MVS

    Looking for a Baseball Stars 2 MVS cart. I don't care about the label and it can be Yaton level nasty, as long as it's 100% working with original boards. I have $$$ and various stuff for trade, shoot me a message if you have one or know where to find one. Thanks! :glee:
  5. BeefJerky

    FS: MagLord AES, price dropped, last bump! 10/31/15

    Finishing up my CMVS from JNX, just looking to get rid of the last of my AES stuff. Magician Lord - $80 shipped OBO - It's in pretty solid condition overall. There is one crack in the tray, a clean crack at the top-right corner. Some insertion marks on the cart, there is one deep scratch on the...
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  7. BeefJerky

    Happy Birthday Magnaflux.

    Happy birthday. Wherever you are. :crying:
  8. BeefJerky

    Happy b-day DON!

    Happy berfday to one of my fave peeps/bestest friends on the forums. May you have many more, good sir. :glee:
  9. BeefJerky

    RGB modded AES outputting B/W with 5-pin composite cable.

    Like the title says. I'm not especially tech savvy so I figured I'd ask here first. Pls halp! :mr_t:
  10. BeefJerky

    RESIDENT EVIL RAFFLE!!!!! Winner chosen July 18th at 5PM (MDT).

    These raffles are a ton of fun, let's keep em rolling. So here it goes... 1. Have to be an active member 2. At least 100 posts 3. At least a six month member 4. Have the system that it is for 5. Not already own the game 6. Feedback of at least 5 I'll cover the shipping within the USA (no...
  11. BeefJerky

    FOUND: Cheap NGCD Games.

    EDIT: Thanks to everyone for their help! :buttrock: Like the title says, I'm going to be fixing up a top loader and need a game or two to test it with. PM me with whatchu got, save me from eBay! :keke:
  12. BeefJerky

    Neighborhoods to stay away from in Denver?

    I know there are more than a few Denver people here, I tried posting a thread in the Gatherings but haven't had any luck. I'm moving to Denver in a month, and I know to steer clear of E Colfax and pretty much all of Aurora. Are there any other neighborhoods/suburbs I should stay away from...
  13. BeefJerky


    So it looks like I'll probably be moving to Denver soon, when looking for places to live I know to avoid East Colfax and Aurora. I've heard Englewood is decent and that Lakewood can be decent for cheap. I'd love to hear from some of the Denver members about decent areas of the metro (preferably...
  14. BeefJerky

    Misc video art.

    EDIT: 31 views and no responses. I think that said more than words can. Thanks! :D
  15. BeefJerky

    Happy Birthday: Shawn McCleskey

    I hope you get your groove back.
  16. BeefJerky

    Colorado 4th-graders Busted Over Pot Sales Mother. Of. God. I hate Colorado so much sometimes. I was afraid when teh pot got legalized that shit like this would start happening, they should've just stopped at decriminalization with a more restrictive...
  17. BeefJerky

    FOUND: Texas Instruments TI-84 graphing calculator.

    It's looking like I'll need one of these sooner rather than later. I know a lot of you guys are post-grad, do you really need yours anymore? :D Just looking for one that works and isn't totally beat to shit. I'm looking to pay roughly $40 out the door, I will pay extra for expedited shipping...
  18. BeefJerky

    Shadowrun poster scans?

    So, here's the deal, I happened across this auction last week. Pretty badass poster, yeah? Based off the cover art from the Mega-CD version of Shadowrun, but good god look at that price tag. No bueno, nein gut, etc. I attempted to find a scan of the poster, to no avail. The closest I got was a...
  19. BeefJerky

    Happy Birthday broken!

    It's your birthday, buddy! 37... Pfffft, you old fart. Just kidding, Todd! Have a good one, please chew your steak. kthx.
  20. BeefJerky

    Happy Birthday buster_broon!

    I see you lurking from time to time... Happy b-day buddy! Teh big 4-0. May the HMS Windjammers never sink. :buttrock: