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  1. GohanX

    Sonic R Appreciation Thread

    I have it. Cool soundtrack, absolutely terrible game. Gutter trash.
  2. GohanX

    The AES Cart Shell Glue on the Posts Thread

    A lot of current collectors are much younger than most of us and what they think is definitive information is total bullshit.
  3. GohanX

    offical wwe thread

    My wife marked out for Muta. This is how you know you found The One.
  4. GohanX

    Can't get Mame to recogize my rom

    Everybody have fun tonight Everybody shump Mrs_moe tonight
  5. GohanX

    What KOF are you best at?

    It's certainly not my favorite, but I'd probably annihilate most people at KOF94. 1: Most people don't play it, I still do from time to time particularly if I have a Neo CD hooked up since it's the only KOF with fairly fast loading 2: No custom teams lead most people selecting a team where...
  6. GohanX

    offical wwe thread

    The moment Paige popped out I couldn't help but think "so what happens when Athena drops her on her head like she just did Brit Baker and she dies in the ring?"
  7. GohanX

    TMNT Cowabunga Collection

    Good tips. My method to beat Shredder was stupid easy. He comes out on the upper platform and I just smack him with Don a few times. When he moves I jump up to the platform and just poke him with the bo every time he tries to move up. Easy victory. Of course, this wouldn't work with any other...
  8. GohanX

    TMNT Cowabunga Collection

    I always chuckle when people say that. The dam is pretty easy, even if you do badly just switch turtles, you immediately get easy pizza to refill everyone in the next stage. The dam is nothing compared to the horrors later in the game.
  9. GohanX

    TMNT Cowabunga Collection

    I liberally used the rewind at the end, so i wouldn’t say I beat it, but I did finish it. I only ever beat the game once as a kid.
  10. GohanX

    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    If i got one the first thing I’d throw on there are the Ys games. PSP 2022.
  11. GohanX

    TMNT Cowabunga Collection

    I hate lag as much as the next person, but 4 frames of lag on a current gen emu port ain’t bad. As long as you’re not playing on a shitty tv it’s fine. Nothing will make someone like that happy outside of Mister or a m2 port. In the real work world, I played through the three NES games last...
  12. GohanX

    Does anyone actually use these new online banking companies?

    Why would you want to talk to a real person? That's some old man shit right there :lolz: Seriously though, in theory I'd be perfectly fine with this, as my bank can rarely do much of anything at the local level other than have me go in to sign required papers. Most business is still done online...
  13. GohanX

    MISTer FPGA?

    I got one of these a couple of weeks ago finally, it's great. But it's really more console-centric, the console cores all seem to be mature and very close to perfect, while the arcade cores are mostly 70s and 80s games and all over the place. CPS1 is solid, and the beta Shinobi core isn't (yet)...
  14. GohanX

    FS: Super Everdrive $50 Shipped

    I've got an old Super Everdrive kicking around that I don't need anymore since I got a SD2SNES from another member a few months back. It is an original I bought directly from Krikzz, not a chinese knockoff. It has the 1.2 motherboard, which is just fine for playing everything without a chip. It...
  15. GohanX

    I Found The PERFECT Xmas Gift for Smokehouse...

    It's gonna be a while, she hasn't got to the final boss yet.
  16. GohanX

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Hay guys, I'm wanting some opinions on car cleaning products. Back in my younger days I used to have a cherry red RX7 that I kept in showroom condition. As time marched on, I had other cars that got old so they never got the same care. Now I have a new car, and I'd like to keep it in great shape...
  17. GohanX

    Huge sale for many systems, a few Grails in here

    I need some quick cash to buy a new car since my old ones are about to fall apart, so I’m selling a bunch of stuff. One thing about the games, I’m not really a collector, I’m a gamer, and as such these carts were not shelf queens and should be considered “gamer’s condition” unless otherwise...
  18. GohanX

    FS: Rockman NGPC and World Heroes 2 AES

    I need some quick cash to buy a new car since my old ones are about to fall apart, so I’m selling a bunch of stuff. I’ve only got a few Neo specific things, but keep an eye on Everything Else for a thread where I’ll be listing a bunch of stuff for various systems like SNES, Sega CD, etc. One...
  19. GohanX

    FS: XRGB-2, modded for SCART

    I need some cash to buy a new shiny, and I don't really use this anymore. I've got a boxed XRGB-2 (not the plus) that I want to sell. I originally got this from Skips who modified it to accept European SCART cables instead of JP21 cables, so no adapters needed. Looking to get $150 shipped...
  20. GohanX

    Help with monitor choice, PC nerds requested

    I've asked a few friends about this, thought I would post the question on here to see what other peoples' thoughts are. Basically, I'm looking for a monitor that's around 22-24 inches. I won't actually be using it with a PC, I'm going to be using it with my spare Xbone and Xbox 360 that's in...