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  1. kuze

    ALL GONE: MVS Mega Sale [Garou MOTW, Last Blade 1&2, Metal Slug 5, Strikers 1945 Plus]

    Hey everyone, I'm trimming down my MVS collection and letting some games go. All games are original, pictures included below but if you want any extra pics of anything just give me a shout. Prices are without shipping, looking to keep sales within the US for now. Willing to consider offers...
  2. kuze

    SOLD: NeoSD MVS - $330 shipped within US

    Hey guys, I've got a nice NeoSD MVS cart up for sale, works great and comes with shockbox from SAG. This was the "Complete Edition" they sold for $450 and it has had minimal use. Also of note, the PCBs were already flipped (IIRC by SAG) so the label faces normal with a vertical slot setup...
  3. kuze

    SOTM August 2020: Thunder Dragon 2

    Standard arcade options, autofire allowed Name - Score - Stage - Side (1/2P) - PCB/MAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ radiantsvgun - 1,393,000 - Stage 4 - P2 - PCB - No Autofire kuze - 906,890 - Stage 4 - P1 - PCB - Autofire egg_sanwich -...
  4. kuze

    SOTM August 2020 Voting Thread - NMK!

    Looking at past months, I think we are due an NMK month. Which game sounds good to you guys?
  5. kuze

    Best Ramen / Noodle Cup

    What's your favorite microwavable noodle/ramen bowl, brand + flavor? I recently discovered the Paldo Kimchi flavor, that one has got to be my current favorite.
  6. kuze

    PRO-POW3 PSU Non-Genny Replacement

    Anyone have a link to a good tested PRO-POW3 replacement that puts out clean power and has no screen interference? I'd like to avoid buying another Model 1 Genesis PSU that ends up being on its last legs. Thanks for any recommendations!
  7. kuze

    SOTM May 2019: Mushihimesama

    Most folks will probably play this on an Xbox 360 or the Steam/PC version. If playing the 360 release, please select 'Xbox 360' mode. All ports including PS2, Xbox 360 and PC are accepted. If anyone wants to submit scores for the Matsuri 1.5 mode available as DLC please be sure to indicate...
  8. kuze

    SOTM May 2019 Vote Thread

    Option 1: Mahou Daisakusen AKA Sorcer Striker Option 2: Strania: The Stella Machina Option 3: Mushihimesama :vik:
  9. kuze

    WTB: Working Nanao MS2930/2931/2933 Chassis

    Hey guys, I received a Windy 2 with a non-working monitor. The tube is a Toshiba A68KZN696X, so according to the AO wiki it should be compatible with a Nanao MS2930, MS2931, or MS2933 chassis. Anyone have a working spare they wouldn't mind letting go of? LMK, thanks!
  10. kuze

    SOTM May 2018: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5

    DDP DFK 1.5 360, MAME, Steam and PCB formats accepted. Arcade defaults, one credit only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ##. Username - Score - Stage - Ship/Type - PCB/MAME/etc...
  11. kuze

    MegaDrive/Genesis Wireless Controllers from Krikzz - "JoyZZ"

    Anyone try one of these new controllers from krikzz? Reminds me of the official Saturn wireless pad, but better (not IR based). I haven't purchased one yet but if the reviews are good I will probably snag one or two. Reported 150 hrs per...
  12. kuze

    SOTM May 2018 Vote Thread

    Wow, it's already that time! Choice 1: Ibara (not BL) - PCB/MAME/PS2 allowed Choice 2: DDP DFK - Reply in the thread whether you'd prefer 1.5 or Black Label if you choose this. 360, MAME and PCB allowed. Choice 3: Air Gallet - PCB or MAME. My participation may be a bit limited...
  13. kuze

    Anyone tried a 161 in 1 cart on a six slot before?

    With mine in slot 1 and no other games inserted, I get a crosshatch screen. Same thing regardless of slot used, but normal carts boot OK. Just curious if anyone has successfully used a 161 w/ a six slot before or if it may be incompatible for some reason.
  14. kuze

    Magical Drop 3 Proto on YAJ

    ​​ Looks legit, but I'm not sure if there are any differences to the final version. They have a Youtube video here:
  15. kuze

    Art of Fighting 2 Commercial

    Just came across this on Youtube, hadn't seen it before. The live action portion is hysterical. :keke:
  16. kuze

    FS: MVS Carts and Kits

    Doing some new year's cleaning, thinning the herd on the MVS collection. Carts to be considered gamer's condition. A few have replaced labels, see pics. If interested in a kit, lmk and I'll take some additional pictures. Would prefer to sell these within the US, but might be willing to do...
  17. kuze

    Speaker/Receiver Recommendations

    Have been borrowing my brother's stereo gear and receiver, but he's moved back home and I'm planning on returning his stuff to him shortly so I'm looking at options to replace it. Anyone have recommendations on a pair of nice floorstanding speakers and/or a subwoofer? I'm thinking of going for...
  18. kuze

    SOLD: Brand New Darksoft Taito F3 Multi

    Edit: SOLD ​Hey everyone, I received the F3 multi I had originally preordered from Ksiegarnia, so now I have a spare. This cost me $386 USD from Ksiegarnia and took approximately four months to get here. When I ordered from SaveYourGames, the total was approximately ~450 USD. The packing...
  19. kuze

    Goldfinger 64

    Some of you may have been aware this was in the works, but the Goldfinger 64 team have released version 1.0 of their new game! It's a fantastic piece of work and is built off of the Goldeneye engine for N64. Works great on the Everdrive 64. If you...
  20. kuze

    SOTM May 2017: Ketsui

    Arcade defaults, 1 credit, yada yada yada. :mr_t: Xbox 360, PS3 and MAME all allowed. If playing a console port, just make sure to select the Arcade version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ##. Username - Score - Stage - Ship -...