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  1. GohanX

    FS: Super Everdrive $50 Shipped

    I've got an old Super Everdrive kicking around that I don't need anymore since I got a SD2SNES from another member a few months back. It is an original I bought directly from Krikzz, not a chinese knockoff. It has the 1.2 motherboard, which is just fine for playing everything without a chip. It...
  2. GohanX

    Huge sale for many systems, a few Grails in here

    I need some quick cash to buy a new car since my old ones are about to fall apart, so I’m selling a bunch of stuff. One thing about the games, I’m not really a collector, I’m a gamer, and as such these carts were not shelf queens and should be considered “gamer’s condition” unless otherwise...
  3. GohanX

    FS: Rockman NGPC and World Heroes 2 AES

    I need some quick cash to buy a new car since my old ones are about to fall apart, so I’m selling a bunch of stuff. I’ve only got a few Neo specific things, but keep an eye on Everything Else for a thread where I’ll be listing a bunch of stuff for various systems like SNES, Sega CD, etc. One...
  4. GohanX

    FS: XRGB-2, modded for SCART

    I need some cash to buy a new shiny, and I don't really use this anymore. I've got a boxed XRGB-2 (not the plus) that I want to sell. I originally got this from Skips who modified it to accept European SCART cables instead of JP21 cables, so no adapters needed. Looking to get $150 shipped...
  5. GohanX

    Help with monitor choice, PC nerds requested

    I've asked a few friends about this, thought I would post the question on here to see what other peoples' thoughts are. Basically, I'm looking for a monitor that's around 22-24 inches. I won't actually be using it with a PC, I'm going to be using it with my spare Xbone and Xbox 360 that's in...
  6. GohanX

    CSY-2100 vs FusionITR's Scart to Component converter

    A lot of us have had the old CSY-2100 RGB to SCART converter for some time, and it works well. Some of the rest of you may be wanting to pick one up, and aren't sure why you should pick one over the other. I don't think I've seen anyone else who has both devices, and I just got my converter from...
  7. GohanX

    Need some help from the Hong Kong movie fans

    I got a big pile of Hong Kong laserdiscs, most of them with English subtitles, but I know nothing of HK cinema. I know there are some fans here, can anyone tell me if any of these movies are worth keeping/watching? I just wanted to see if there are any keepers before I pass them on, I don't...
  8. GohanX

    FS: XRGB Mini Framemeister with adapters

    I need some quick cash to buy a useless thing on Craigslist, and I haven't used my XRGB Mini in some time, so I might as well sell it! The thing is in perfect condition, minus fingerprints. Has the box and comes with the original AC adapter, 2 gig micro SD card, remote control (with English...
  9. GohanX

    FS: Zelda 3DSXL system and a few games

    I'm not sure if there's any interest in this here, but I thought I'd check before I throw it on eBay. I just got a new 3DS, getting rid of some of the oldness. Lemme know if you want anything, and I'll be happy to provide shipping quotes. Zelda Link Between Worlds 3DS XL system, the big...
  10. GohanX

    Supaboy Revisited

    We've had a few threads on the Supaboy in the past, and they've had various issues that have prevented me from buying one before. Well, lolifoxgirl picked up one a few weeks ago, and liked it well enough, which prompted me to give it a shot. $67 with free shipping on Monoprice, which is a place...
  11. GohanX

    Wtb: Last Blade Neo CD insert

    Eh, I know this is a longshot. I picked up Last Blade on Neo CD with a great disc, manual, and obi, didn't notice that the seller didn't actually have an insert. I don't suppose anyone has an insert or extra case laying around they'd hook a brotha up with do they?
  12. GohanX

    FS: Riding Hero home cart, still sealed R@R3!!!!

    I never got around to playing this shitty game/the best motorcycle racing game on the Neo, and I want money to buy a huge plastic robot, so it needs to go. It's NOS, seal still intact, pretty good shape other than minor shelf wear. I can't guarantee that there are no cracks in the inner case...
  13. GohanX

    Laserdisc trading thread

    As we mentioned in the laserdisc thread, a lot of us have a ton of dupes and extra movies for sale, so post em up here and we can get to trading! When listing titles, please be as specific as possible and indicate if it's widescreen or pan and scan, as there are lots of different releases for...
  14. GohanX

    FGW Converter Thread

    We were talking about this in a sale thread, so to prevent any derailing let's move FGW Converter talk over here. Basically, the FGW Converter is a board made by Toodles the Great that will convert a Saturn, Playstation, or SNES controller into standard signals for each button and direction...
  15. GohanX

    RGB to S-Video converter?

    I set up a secondary gaming area in my house using a Commodore 1702 monitor, which is small but pretty badass. It's not the model that does RGB though, it has composite and, surprisingly, s-video. I don't really want to mod any of my systems to add s-video, is there any kind of external...
  16. GohanX

    WTB: VA2 Model 2 Genesis system or motherboard

    I'm looking for a working VA2 model 2 Genesis. Motherboard only is fine too, as I have plenty of shells. It's easy to tell a VA2 without opening it up by looking into the cart slot, there is a blue wire you can see going to one of the cart slot pins. I'm specifically looking for a VA2 since I...
  17. GohanX

    Nintendo DS Revisited

    We've been talking about how awesome the DS was in the 3DS thread, so to prevent that thread from going even more off topic lets move it here. So yeah, the DS is awesome. Discuss.
  18. GohanX

    Anyone know where to find a Dreamcast mod chip these days?

    I'm lazy and don't feel like using boot discs anymore. Anyone know where you can pick up the 4 wire modchip these days? I swear there was I site I was on a few weeks ago that sold them for like $10 each or something and I can't find it for the life of me.
  19. GohanX

    MVS Carts For Sale

    ALL GONE! Move along, nothing to see here. I'm getting out of MVS collecting, and sticking mostly with CDs and a multicart from now on. All games are original, and most should be considered to be in gamer's condition unless otherwise noted. A few noted titles have a printed English label...
  20. GohanX

    Looking for a Saturn/N64/PS2 to Wii/Wii U Controller Adapter

    I just found out that this thing exists: But I can't find any place that actually sells them, they only have the USB version. Using a Saturn pad for Genesis VC games and and a N64 controller on N64 games would be rad. Anyone know where...