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  1. Takumaji

    Chat Clear Friday

    Hey people and chatters, our chat software runs into problems every once in a while which leads to a refresh glitch, chat posts don't automatically show up anymore, you have to reload the whole page to see them which is annoying and puts unnecessarry load on the server. This is a test...
  2. Takumaji

    Peace On Earth...

    ...not. Still, have a merry Christmas, happy festivus, happy Chanukka, whatever gets you through the night, guys. Looking forward to Russian Eggs and Vodka now, we mainly celebrate Christmas on 24th so we'll have dinner and then I'm going to light up a big fat cigar and try to have a nice...
  3. Takumaji

    La Mano De Dios Esta Muerto Maradona has died of a heart attack (who would've thought). Goodbye, farewell and amen.
  4. Takumaji

    Happy Halloween!

    We're watching Halloween, next in line is In The Mouth Of Madness and then maybe some Hammer films.
  5. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, Arcademan!

    Have a good one, birthday man. :multi_co:
  6. Takumaji

    Spencer Davis Has Died Good man, good musician, great songwriter. Rest in peace, Spence.
  7. Takumaji

    Haaaaappy Birthday, Rot!

    Have an excellent day, pal. Wish you all the best, may your day be full of Kebabs and glasses that are never empty!
  8. Takumaji

    Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk) dies at 73 See you up there, Florian, and thank you for the music that inspired generations.
  9. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, miisalo!

    Happy b-day to my fave Finn!
  10. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, StevenK

    Have a good one and stay safe on your silly little island.
  11. Takumaji

    HD versions/remakes of classic games

    Lately I've been playing the remake of Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap on Xbone, it's a game I really love on the Master System. The new version is faithful to the original in that it has all the bells and whistles plus updated graphics and sound. You can switch between the updated version...
  12. Takumaji

    Retro-Bit Mega Drive/Genesis controllers

    I've been looking for a used MD 6-button pad in good condition but prices are way out there. Then I came across the Retro-Bit website who make controllers for various Sega consoles (among others) and finally bought one of their MD pads on eBay for €15.99. They also offer USB versions for use on...
  13. Takumaji

    Brexit (Godspeed UK)

    Brexit will become effective tonight at 11pm UTC. For auld lang syne, my jo For auld lang syne We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet For auld lang syne :(
  14. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, Cylotron!

    Have a good one! :)
  15. Takumaji

    Haaaaaappy Birthday, Rot!

    All the best, pal, have a good one and eat some cake! I'll send you some of my tracks as a present, I'm sure you're going to like them. . . Cheers!
  16. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, Mr Wasabi

    Have a good one, old geezer.
  17. Takumaji

    Merry Christmas,!

    Hey, I wish you a merry Christmas, may all yer dreams come true. Love, Tak
  18. Takumaji

    Happy Birthday, Taiso!

    Dear Sir or Madam, here is your birthday thread, may all your dreams come true and your bowels be steady.
  19. Takumaji

    Ben Daglish has died

    C64 music legend Ben Daglish died of cancer on October 1st. He was 52. I always was a huge fan of his C64 works, his magical music was part of my soundtrack of the 80s and a great inspiration for me. Complete list of his C64 works: Auf Wiedersehen, Ben.
  20. Takumaji

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday, Rot!!

    I wish you a happy birthday, may all your dreams come true and your day be excellent! :)