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  1. yagamikun

    Gone: Just Pay Shipping - You Must Take the Lot

    Gone $15 to US, $40 international. Pay Pal F&F yadda yadda. Everything you see in the pic. Mortal Kombat is CIB works great. Alisia is an authentic cart with repro case and works great. SoR2 I suspect works but I have no way to know. Both the GG and GBL are busted, but the GBL has an IPS...
  2. yagamikun

    WTB: Pro (Neo) - Pow 3 AES PSU

    Anyone have an extra lying around? Looking for an OEM extra, not a retro-bit aftermarket multi-console job.
  3. yagamikun

    ALL SOLD: Last Blade 2 AES Loose W/ Repro Snaplock and Pulstar MVS W/Shockbox

    Okay, this is the last of what I'm selling. Upgraded my copies of each. $10 shipping to US or $40 International. PayPal F&F or add 4% for Goods & Services to cover fees. LMK if questions. These are both authentic, of course. ;) SOLD $250 Last Blade 2 JPN AES - Authentic loose cart with repro...
  4. yagamikun

    The AES Cart Shell Glue on the Posts Thread

    Serious question (reasonable cum jokes only) Question: Many AES carts were glued together on the posts inside of the cart shell, yes? I know SNK is known for inconsistent manufacturing practices, so this could be a case by case thing. This is a thing, though, yes? It's something I've come...
  5. yagamikun

    SOLD: Ninja Master's Japanese AES Loose Copy with Repro Case and Manual

    SOLD - Just for the records. Sold for $900 - struck a deal with a repeat customer on Ebay I've worked with in the past but had plenty of offers around the $800 to $850 mark. I think it would have sold for more had I been a bit more patient, but who has time for patience these days? lol I broke...
  6. yagamikun

    SOLD: Contra US PCB $400 - Open to International or US

    Bought this from CORY a while back. Just doesn't get the play it deserves so I'm hoping I can move it to a good home where it will get a bit more love. Also posted at Arcade Projects. You don't see Contra boards much anymore - especially not ones this clean. Works great! Awesome collectors...
  7. yagamikun

    SOLD: Some Loose AES Deals: King of the Monsters 2 and Super Sidekicks 2

    Upgraded my copies. These both work and play great and come with repro vinyl cases and repro inserts. No manual. Deals reflect the condition. Include $8 USD for shipping to US only for a single game. Paypal F&F or Venmo. I'll add 4% if you want buyer protection from PayPal. Check out my other...
  8. yagamikun

    Gone: Lots of Good Stuff You'll Want - Just a Few Gems Left

    Just trimming again. My trash is your treasure! Paypal F&F or add 4% for buyer protection. I'll also do Venmo. I'll do international for 3 or more items only, and it'll cost ya. Shipping: US Shipping $8 for a single game. Free for three or more items. Hardware (consoles and the like) include...
  9. yagamikun

    Couple Who Made MAS Sticks/Superguns Has Passed Away

    Not directly Neo related, but I thought you all might want to know if you haven't yet heard (didn't see this posted on the forums, but I may have missed it) The couple who predominantly built the MAS sticks and superguns in the 90's and early aughts recently passed in a fire a few days ago...
  10. yagamikun

    RetroTink 2x SCART - $60 Shipped

    SOLD RetroTink 2X SCART - $60 shipped to US only. Paypal F&F or add 4%. Updated to latest firmware. No compatible with my Supergun/SCART cable.
  11. yagamikun

    FS: SS1 and 2 Japanese Editions - Gamer Condition Complete - $95 SHIPPED!

    Yo peeps - got these extra AES SS 1 and 2 as part of a larger deal and don't need them. Price includes both games shipped. Both games are complete and are in good overall "gamer" condition. Plastic trays have a couple cracks but are not falling apart or anything. $95 shipped in the US only...
  12. yagamikun

    Ys: Monstrum Nox - Anyone Else Playing?

    Picked up the new Ys game and dropped a few hours into it last night. Awesome so far. I love the darker, gothic feel to the city of Balduq and the awesome costume designs of the Monstrums. The dialog is also top-notch, with a self-awareness to it that brings some levity even in the most dire...
  13. yagamikun

    SOLD: Gunlord & Last Hope PB AES Complete

    Hey peeps. Selling my recently acquired copies of Last Hope Pink Bullets and Gunlord. Both are complete and come with all the goodies. I mainly got them to review for my website and thought I'd hang onto them, but I won't play them much moving forward so I thought I'd offer them up. Both are...
  14. yagamikun

    SOLD: Blazing Star AES EPROM Conversion

    Great condition EPROM conversion - Authentic PCBs with EPROMs. Great working order with high quality insert and manual. I have a copy on MVS, so no need for this. SOLD $150 OBO Add $8 shipping to US only at this time (sorry international folks). Paypal F&F only or add 4% to total cost. Will...
  15. yagamikun

    WTB: Rockman (Mega Man) 2: The Power Fighters CPS2

    Authentic, but with new(er) battery or ifinikey. Working without any mods is fine as well. Blue or Green b-board only. Thanks!
  16. yagamikun

    SOLD: AES JPN Sengoku 3 Complete - Second Price Drop

    Update: SOLD Hey all - Recently scored this nice copy of Sengoku 3, but then I found an unbeatable deal on a complete NOS Hyper 64 fighting game set up and other arcade goods I've been looking for, so I've decided to appropriate the funds to go toward that purchase instead. My wishy-washyness...
  17. yagamikun

    Found: Vampire Hunter 2 CPS2 B-Board (game)

    Found Hey all, Looking for an authentic b-board of Vampire Hunter 2 on CPS2. Would prefer to have a new battery or infinikey installed, but will take stock as long as it's working. Thanks!
  18. yagamikun


    Update: ALL SOLD Three AES games up for grabs: I'll sell the lot for $130 Picture of games GanGan (Aggressors of Dark Kombat): $85 SOLD Game is an authentic Japanese cart with a repro softcase and insert. King of the Monsters: $70 SOLD Game is an authentic Japanese cart with a repro...
  19. yagamikun

    Samurai Shodown 64 Warriors Rage Anime!?

    This popped up on my YouTube today. I didn't even know this existed. How did I miss this in the 90's!? Looks like the full anime is up.
  20. yagamikun

    SOLD: Samurai Shodown V Perfect AES Full Reproduction

    I bought this out of curiosity, hoping that it would make me like SSV...and I still hate it. lol. Purchased a month ago from the NeoOldStore. This is a full reproduction, not a conversion. Good quality, too! Paypal only - F&F or add 4%. Add $10 for shipping to US only. Local, socially distanced...