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  1. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Happy Birthday Chubby Groundhog / TonK!

    I had to come back for this, didn't I. Happy Birthday to the most famous white man on the forums with a black avatar! I hope you get a Don Pachi, Do Don Pachi and a fuckton of Pokemon cards. Jibba, lmk when you wanna come over and we'll FaceTime him together. Also, on a side note, Happy...
  2. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    First appearance of Wolverine = 657 large

    You thought our hobby was crazy? The first published appearance of Wolverine from the last page of The Incredible Hulk #160 just sold for $657K shattering the record for a public sale of an interior comic art page and matching the record for an American original comic art piece...
  3. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    SOLD: Metal Slug 3 arcade MVS poster

    Have kept this for a while as a spare, but figured it's time to put it out there for trade towards another poster that can go into my future arcade room. SOLD: $250 clean, shipped in CONUS. Yes, it’s a lot, because the posters come up for sale once every six months or less and disappear...
  4. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    WTB: Crossed Swords & Mag Lord white mini marquees

    I'm looking for a couple of older minis. I have them but they are starting to yellow due to plastic oxidation over time. So looking for like-new completely white and near-mint US minis. Name your price, literally, I'm not going to lowball and will pay well. Need the following: Crossed Swords...
  5. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    FS: $2 DVDs

  6. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    SOLD: MS3 MVS loose cart

    SOLD FOR $60 to be a good sport Picked this up in my eternal quest to dump my kits and it remains a spare that must now be parted with. Clean US MS3 MVS cart, original US label with serials intact. A couple of small bubbles on the label, but no crease, heavy lifting, or other serious flaws...
  7. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Neo Geo control panel cozy

    From time to time I complain to my girlfriend about the ubiquitous presence of dust and cat hair that eventually makes its way over to my Big Red control panel. I keep the door closed and the cat out, but you can't keep the dust out. I always voiced a desire to have a specialty control panel...
  8. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Happy Birthday to HC, GD, Steve (the regular one), and me

    The four headed dragon returns. Except now we're over the 35 hill and halfway to retirement. HC - Smile! GD - Get that Bane mask off Steve - I hope he's still alive, playing SNES games on a meadow I was 23 when I joined this site. Crazy how time flies.
  9. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    IC/FS: Akai AX80 synth and Korg EMX-1 station

    Selling these for a friend who is downsizing his musical equipment. Items are in my possession and thoroughly tested. I can provide numerous pictures and/or videos if necessary. Before taking pictures I figured I'd see if it's something anyone on here would even want. Available are: Korg EMX-1...
  10. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    FS: Metal Slug 3 MVS kit

    Metal Slug 3 US kit. Non-matching serials. Original holo label with slight crease in middle from cart having been opened to verify boards. No sticker, just art sheets and dip sheet. Pics coming tonight Will be cheap, probably just looking for what it cost me originally, $105 shipped clean...
  11. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Teddy KGB gets busted in real life

    Uncanny resemblance, with Matt Damon and Leo DiCaprio involved.
  12. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Zumba studio + hot instructor = awesome sex?

    Now this is the kind of Zumba studio I can see taking off. Full Story link
  13. Comrade Porn King Mikhail


    ALL SOLD to system11 on Shmups Up for grabs as the library gets pared down. All prices are shipped in the US via PayPal gift payment. Shipping via Priority Mail w/insurance. International shipping please inquire. Board top Board bottom Top close-up 1 Top close-up 2 Top close-up 3 Title screen...
  14. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Rare MVS marquees, flyers, and artwork sets galore!

  15. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Storing mini marquees - inevitable yellowing with time?

    Been running into an inevitable yellowing issue with some mini marquees, so I figured I'd see if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I've had a lot of my mini marquees for over 10 years. I store them in an acid-free Itoya art portfolio, the same kind used for original comic art. I haven't...
  16. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    SOLD: All gone, everything sold

    Blu-Rays and DVDs sold.
  17. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    WTB: Baseball Stars 2 white mini marquee

    I'm looking for some MVS kit components in original and US/English near-mint or better condition. Name your price, so yeah if it's in the condition I want then $50 shipped will apply :cool: Baseball Stars 2 mini marquee - must be completely white and not yellowed Sengoku 2 mini marquee - must...
  18. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    WTB: Loose SNES, NES, Genny, Gameboy carts + some common Wii games

    Some stuff found, other stuff bumped down for editing.
  19. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Boards sold

    Board gone, new board! Interest check: Decided to keep Donpachi until right trade comes along. Have this one in good condition, runs perfectly, Atlus edged board. The sound capacitors were replaced as a couple seemed on the low side, sound nice and crisp. Would prefer to trade for something in...
  20. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    FA Rare 80s arcade posters: R-Type, Mechanized Attack, other (not mine, but I know seller) Anyone looking for some 80s original rare US arcade posters, look up this guy. He currently has the following: R-Type Sky Shark Mechanized Attack Tiger Road Klax He...