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    SSL certificate ?

    This is something I haven’t see here with the new platform but also with the previous one. I tried on different device but the connection say not secure. I think it’s an administrator issue where the SSL haven’t been renewed. Do you plan to figure out about this ?
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    Whopper or Big Mac ?

    When you’re playing Quiz Chibi Maruko Chan or Mahjong ?
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    Major Title 2 VS. Neo Turf Masters

    Which one is better for you ? Both are very similar and were realized by Irem staff. . Major Title 2 is more realistic as you play Golf also when you have to calculate your distance and putting. . Neo Turf Masters is much more arcade oriented with less effort on that. The SNK style. I...
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    CES 2021

    It will be online: 01/11 - 01/14. Someone already registered ?
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    Neo Geo Booklet Vol 2 ?

    Anyone here who knows what does the booklet vol 2 looks like ? or do you have some information ? I didn’t find anything. Thank you.
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    Santa Claus and SNK

    Did you made or ordered any Neo Geo gifts to your family or are you selfish and got anything for your yourself ? 2 SNK illustration arts for me :emb:
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    Hi there ! Thanks to the webmaster Shawn. I'm joining this community after several research about the Neo Geo. I've had the pleasure to read very interesting topics regarding this great system, overlooked in the past and applause today. I think some people have a lot to share here and I will...