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  1. StevenK

    Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    Just thinking about the Florida hurricanes. We don't really have natural disasters here so I'm just wondering what it's like. Hurricane, earthquake, tidal wave, anyone found themselves stuck in the middle? Did you emerge unscathed? Stories please.
  2. StevenK

    Can Americans and Canadians tell each other part by their accents?

    No, not the french ones.
  3. StevenK

    What are you doing for Valentines?

    My last thread got 3 responses. I thought in my next thread I'd aim for less.
  4. StevenK

    Tubby strength

    I dropped an engine off at a garage today, it wasn't a huge engine, just a mercedes 4 cylinder, but it wasn't stripped and was an odd flat design you don't see often. Anyway, the owner waddles up, he must have been 300lbs of butter at least, grabs hold of the chain we'd attached to lift it in...
  5. StevenK

    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    I see Biden has decided to elevate gender identity above sex. Can women's sport survive long term under these pressures? Can women survive long term under these pressures, come to think of it? How are such a tiny minority group effecting so much sweeping change?
  6. StevenK

    What's your favourite ice cream taste?

    I like toffee taste.
  7. StevenK

    Favourite soup flavour

    Short circuit informed me that a can of soup was a meal in itself. This was bullshit, but I do still enjoy a can of soup every now and again as a lunch accompaniment perhaps. I tend to go for pea & ham or broccoli & stilton. I actually prefer them unheated. What flavours am I missing out on?
  8. StevenK

    Favoured waterproof footwear

    Dear rugged all American outdoor types. I have to walk through wet grass everyday and my shitty hiking boots are letting the water in. What do you go for to ensure dry feet goodness? Bear in mind I have to actually walk in these - comfort and good waterproofnesses are required in equal measure.
  9. StevenK

    What do you list under interests on your resume?

    Does the 'interests' section still exist on resumes (CV's)? I admit I haven't written one up in many years now. If so, please lay bare your lies.
  10. StevenK

    Rock star, film star, porn star, sports star

    Which one and why?
  11. StevenK

    What's the worst household chore?

    I fucking hate mowing the lawn. I leave it too long, because I hate doing it, then it's always damp underneath the long grass which means it doesn't cut properly or collect properly in the grass box so the next day it looks like I'm making hay bales. To add to the joy now I have a dog I will...
  12. StevenK


    Speak to me brother. People are saying you've gone full pancreal explosion, or you've been bummed to death on a gay food exchange gone bad. Tell me it's not true.
  13. StevenK

    PS Now - do you have it?

    And do you use it? I was thinking of picking up a golf game and realised the game I was looking at actually costs less if I just get PS Now and have access to several hundred other games for no extra monies. But is it shit?
  14. StevenK

    How far have you gone for vanity?

    I had my teeth whitened once. It didn't seem to last very long, back to British within a fortnight.
  15. StevenK

    What's wrong with the DMV?

    I don't know when I first heard about it, possibly through the Simpsons, but for most of my life I've been aware that Americans hate the DMV. What goes on there? What is it's purpose? Why is it so shit?
  16. StevenK

    Owning a dog versus having kids

    How many times have you heard someone say "we have a taste of what having kids is like because we have a dog" only for someone who actually has kids to jump down their neck with "you have no fucking idea what it's like - having a dog doesn't even scratch the surface?!" Well, I have 3 kids and...
  17. StevenK

    Did you break the lockdown?

    And if so, how and why? Do you regret it? Aka the rage bait thread.
  18. StevenK

    The months ahead

    Unprecedented times. We're looking at a mixture of shortages, unhappy outcomes and, overwhelmingly, boredom. Just thought I'd say I'm glad to have you all here to pass some of the time with.
  19. StevenK

    What was the last thing you went to the doctors for?

    You weak ass pussies, you make me sick. I might go docs and see if he has something for that.
  20. StevenK


    You said it would never happen, they're just ignoring it happened, they'll never respect the referendum. Tell me about your emotions at this stage. You felt a strong need for a clear break and you will beg getting it. Of all the brexiteers who have turnd my stomach over the years you have...