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  1. Dinodoedoe

    Neo-Geo Big Red 4 Slot Fuse type?

    I have a Big Red, that was hacked up into a CarnEvil and I'm re-converting back to a MVS. I noticed that the fuses have been removed and they soldered a wire in place of the fuses. I want to remove the wires and place fuses back into the machine. I have no idea what the values of the fuses need...
  2. Dinodoedoe

    What arcade stick do you own?

  3. Dinodoedoe

    Unibios Help on a ChipMax2

    I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out but it looks like I hit a wall. I don't know why I keep getting program errors and at this point, I'm certain I'm doing something wrong. I was working with a Toshiba TC571024D eprom and I purchased two AMD AM27C1024 eproms. I keep getting load...
  4. Dinodoedoe

    Who else has gone back to consumer crts?

    Oh I'm not knocking it. I have the Turbo Duo connected via S-Video and the image is amazing. My only problem with the Commodore 1702 is that my co-worker gave it to me and it was up in his attic for years; years in the Vegas heat so I know the caps are weak and needs to be replaced because...
  5. Dinodoedoe

    CPS3 Cart Recovery.

    So who is the safe go to guy around here that I can send a dead CPS3 cart in for resurrection?
  6. Dinodoedoe

    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    My sticks aren't nearly as nice as MCF 76 but I think I got the job done. I guess I just don't have the patience. I needed to add an overlay onto this stick because I goofed when drilling my joystick holes. So this stick needed to be bondo'ed and painted. Looks a lot better than before.
  7. Dinodoedoe

    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    Okay, after playing around with this casing, I see what you mean. I might have to go with your route with the low connector and build a separate bracket to mount it into the case. So far I have the joystick mounted and I recessed the four bolts with my uni-bit. I'm not sure if I would want to...
  8. Dinodoedoe

    WTB: Art of Fighting 3

    I use to own it but now I don't. I must have sold it. Now I want it back. If you have one for a reasonable price, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Oh yeah... MVS
  9. Dinodoedoe

    WTB: Last Resort MVS

    I'm looking for a legit copy of Last Resort in decent condition.
  10. Dinodoedoe

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    I had an extra 4 slot laying around so I decided to mod it so I can carry it around. I placed the power switch in the front of the CMVS seeing how it didn't make any sense to me to have in placed in the back of the board. I took the CMVS to work and had my coworkers test it out. Lunch...
  11. Dinodoedoe

    Hori fightstick 1 worth restoring?

    I bought my Hori Fight Stick II it was disgusting. The joystick was super loose and the metal plate was rusted and ugly. So I just replaced all the buttons and the joysticks, then sanded down the metal plate and had one of my painters give it a few coats of automotive paint. I sacrificed an...
  12. Dinodoedoe

    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    One problem, I don't think this board actually has a headphone jack. I was able to get sound from the speaker slider, but it is real faint, causing me to raise the volume on my tv to hear at a reasonable level. Also, I found the YM2610 chip but I am unable to locate the LM7805 chip. :confused:
  13. Dinodoedoe

    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    (The wires are NOT connected in this photo) I had the audio wire connecting to the PCB soldering points off of the L & 10 pins. Then I soldered the wired directly onto the jamma connector. Still nada. I am sharing the ground off of my power supply. Should I actually run wires from Pin 11...
  14. Dinodoedoe

    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    I'm converting my MV4FT2 and I have a beautiful picture but no audio... I am sharing ground across my component and audio. Is this the issue? Any suggestions?
  15. Dinodoedoe

    Sega Naomi GDROM Security Chip Missing.

    So I lost a security chip to Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B. How screwed am I? Is there a way to make another one or do I need to just keep an eye out on Ebay and hope for the best?
  16. Dinodoedoe

    XRGB-3 or XRGB-mini Framemeister?

    I have an XRGB-2 Plus and it's nice but I need to use a VGA to component converter box so it will display properly on my 42" HDTV. I'm curious if the XRGB-3 is able to display on a larger display right out of the box and is the input lag for the Framemeister really noticeable? If you only want...
  17. Dinodoedoe

    RF Famicom Help

    I want to pull my hair out. I have 3 RF Famicom. I know for a fact that one of them is dead due to an incorrect power supply was used and blew the fuse. The other two should be working. My problem: I can not confirm because I can't get a video display on my tv. I have the TV set to 95/96...
  18. Dinodoedoe

    xrgb2-plus repair?

    My XRGB2-Plus feels like it has bad capacitors because the picture will get brighter and brighter till the blacks become almost white. Then if there's an on screen explosion, the picture will reset and the image is all dark again, and the cycle will continue again. Any suggestions on what this...
  19. Dinodoedoe

    WTB: Gameboy Rom cart

    Anyone here have a EZ Flash IV GBA cart for sale?
  20. Dinodoedoe

    Neo-Geo Pocket Nyko ac adapter spec?

    I lost or misplaced my ac adapter to my nyko battery pack. Anyone here have the spec so I can buy a replacement?