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  1. Poonman

    Final Fantasy 15 = no playable female characters? Lets discuss....

    That's gonna make for a lot of angry faggots/happy homos. And get a load of these fucking character names: Noctis Lucis Caelum Stella Nox Fleuret Prompto Argentum etc... Holy fuck....and I thought I was overdoing it when I satirized the series with names like "Zelbess Aileron" and "Blantheus...
  2. Poonman

    My first celebrity death thread

    Am I doing it rite?
  3. Poonman

    Suck my cock, SNKP (new "samsho")

    This is the big 25th anniversary release we're gonna get in 2014: Another fucking pachinko game
  4. Poonman


    Make this her new name until she settles her business with deadpixels. Not that I care either way, but it's good for a laugh.
  5. Poonman

    So after all these years...

    In late 2004, I came to this forum looking to learn more about the HNG 64 and until today, I haven't returned since then. So almost a decade later, out of nowhere I start thinking about it again.... Was this ever close to being emulated? I remember Falcoon discussing an interest in releasing...
  6. Poonman

    Holy shit, has anyone heard of this kid before?

    vZScFZU3n6A A few matches in and then this 10 year old (Wawa) comes in and starts wrecking house....if he makes it to evo this year this kid could be the best thing that's happened for SNKP in a long time.
  7. Poonman

    (General SNKP discussion) So I went back to KOF XIII last night...

    ...Just to fuck around a bit and kill time before I slept... Then I finished the game and saw what is probably the shortest credit roll on any game this current gen....or maybe even on the previous 2 generations... 2 things staggered me, one was that they could even put out such a decent game...
  8. Poonman

    Black Knight Sword

    I know this is a bit of a cool story, bro...but.... I just wanna say I can't remember the last time I enjoyed something so much for so little money. It's not like the game itself is anything has the underpinning of typical 90s platformer.... But the aesthetics are what...
  9. Poonman

    Neo Geo X: can we send suggestions somewhere?

    Because I think it would be awesome if some of their games got some HD treatment + a few bonus stages, BGMs, and new characters to justify buying their rehashes. Don't you agree?
  10. Poonman

    worst game of this generation? Easily GT5 (IMO)

    Recently took it back to walmart with the receipt hoping I could trade it for another used game of equal value...the guy said no because I already "opened" it. So I said "here, you can have it... and keep my 20bucks" and the guy said "haha ok!" So then I say "hold on, let me check the...
  11. Poonman

    Jedah Doma

    No, I'm not here to troll you about revengeance, I just want to ask you about this: Do you live close to where this happened? Christ, up here in Ontario they are looking for a meteor and you guys get a fucking UFO. :( :eek::crying::mad_2::scratch::oh_no::D:
  12. Poonman

    HEY HEY HEY! is putting this years best fighting game to a vote I think you guys know which one I'm voting for. :buttrock: Let's show'em some love.
  13. Poonman

    New Samurai Shodown lol??? Move this to the warroom if you have to I guess. Nice enough guy in the video....maybe he's getting carried away with fond memories or hype... Or maybe he's totally full of shit and...
  14. Poonman

    Is SNKP finished after KOF XIII?

    I have no credible first hand information on the subject, but... Rumors have been swirling that the SNKP higher ups have no interest in continuing KOF(the last series they have) and they plan on canning a bunch of programmers before going back to the pachi business. How true or possible is...
  15. Poonman

    Thread for fun: Fighting Game Characters and the IRL fighters who inspired them

    I'll start with Street fighter. Whether we hate it or not, its pretty universally embraced for its source material. And by "source material" I mean the beloved and sometimes notorious fighters who inspired it's this is basically my excuse to post highlight reels and discuss...
  16. Poonman

    Name that song: the thread

    Unlike the music thread, this one isn't about masturbatory one-upmanship based on who's listening to the coolest shit. It's about describing something you heard (or used to hear) that you might never hear again unless you discovered the artist or song name. It's about helping one
  17. Poonman

    Lawrence Fishburne: his daughter is doing porn now

    The shit you read in the news these days... Any links to her work yet?
  18. Poonman

    Vuvuzela option in Youtube?

    Was watching this vid and does anyone else see the little soccerball icon next to the screen rez in the bottom right? Hahah what the fuck...what a weird, random thing to add. How long are they gonna keep it there?
  19. Poonman

    All purpose UMA Thread (unmixed martial arts)

    Not a parody so much as a companion thread to Wesley's. Talk about your favorite fighters, living or dead, post youtubes of them doing crazy hardcore shit, discuss their philosophies on training and life in general. Lets talk about the lesser known fighting styles like Silat, Chinese boxing...
  20. Poonman

    You can't even make this shit up: Man tries to buy a boy online and....

    Take a look at his name.