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  1. EvilMike

    Sengoku 3 and Kabuki Klash MVS

    Paypal gift or add 4%. Sengoku 3 MVS - $200 shipped in the US Kabuki Klash MVS - $90 shipped in the US
  2. EvilMike

    Dead Home System Troubleshooting

    I have what seems to be a dead Home System. I don't get any audio or video output. I have another system that works with the same power supply so that can be ruled out. I guess I should start by looking at internal power issues? I'm not super savvy. Any ideas on where to start?
  3. EvilMike

    WTB Nanao 2931 Chassis

    Looking for a Nanao 2931 chassis. Really just need the neck board if someone randomly has that on its own.
  4. EvilMike

    Darksoft MVS Flashcart FS

    Have one of these for sale. $450 via Paypal gift with free delivery in the US.
  5. EvilMike

    WTB: One slot with Stereo and Unibios installed

    Looking for a one slot MVS with stereo audio. Doesn't matter if it is native or one that was modded. Would like Unibios already installed as well. I'm very lazy if you couldn't tell. ;)
  6. EvilMike

    I fucked up my Sigma. Looking to hire someone to clean up my mess.

    So I decided to try and fix my Supergun. How hard could soldering be right? Hard for me at least. As you can see I made a mess of things. Looking for someone that is less of a hack to get her back in working order. Happy to pay for the time. Respond or PM me if you'd be interested.
  7. EvilMike

    WTB Euro NGPC Games

    WTB complete Euro NGPC games. Metal Slug Metal Slug 2 Dark Arms Turf Masters
  8. EvilMike

    WTB Sigma Super Pro Sticks

    Dug out the ol' Sigma 7000. Would like to get 1-2 of the sticks.
  9. EvilMike

    Monitor Recommendation for a Kraylix

    Thinking about getting a Kraylix. I want to be sure I get a good monitor for competitive fighters. This seems to be my best bet at 32" for low input lag. Anyone have...
  10. EvilMike

    WTB - Darksoft CPS2

    WTB - Darksoft CPS2 :mr_t:
  11. EvilMike

    Vertical Limit Adjustment Literally Snapped Off....

    Vertical Linearity adjustment on my Egret II monitor just snapped off tonight. Image is now crushed into half the screen. Any guidance or recommendations? EDIT: (V. Lin not Vertical Limit) EDIT: Anyone able to give me the ohm value for the V. Lin pot on a Nanao MS9-29T??
  12. EvilMike

    Egret II 2 Player Panel

  13. EvilMike

    Home system reseting

    My home system resets at the slightest nudge. I opened it up to see if there was anything loose. No luck though. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. EvilMike

    FS NEW Analogue CMVS in Hand

    PRICE DROP to $650 shipped in the US! I forgot to mention I ordered the component cable as well. This is a brand new black system now for less than retail. (With no 10 week wait I might add) Ordered it and in the 10 week production time I changed my mind. System is BRAND spanking new. I...
  15. EvilMike

    WTB Candy cab with Rotation Mech and Min Neo Red

    Any candy with a rotation mech like a Q25. Also looking for a mini red.
  16. EvilMike

    Omega Vs. Analogue CMVS

    Any pros or cons to one over the other?
  17. EvilMike

    WTB Mini red cab

    Please PM. I'm willing to pay shipping.
  18. EvilMike

    Mini Red 2 Slot

    Like the big red but much smaller. Anyone looking to part with one?
  19. EvilMike

    Help with Virtual On

    My company just bought a Virtual On machine for our office. The start buttons on there are very weird. Concave with an LED that doesn't work in the center. Are these standard or a wacky replacement? Also one of the sticks needs to be replaced. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!
  20. EvilMike

    WTB Twinkle Star Sprites MVS