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    FS: FF2 MVS [SOLD]

    FF2 MVS [SOLD]
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    audio conversion

    looking at some dac's.. lavry and benchmark. pretty close in price point. lavry da-10 takes AES, spdif and optical inputs only, benchmark dac has a usb 1.0 port. both have headphone amps.. has anyone used either of these?
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    *SOLD* FS: MAS Stick *SOLD*

    *SOLD* MAS Stick $120 + shipping *SOLD*
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    FS: Egret II marquee plexi

    *SOLD* Egret 2 Marquee Plexi $65 + shipping *SOLD*
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    Origins of the Game Cartridge

    Interesting article about the invention of the game cartridge, Fairchild's Channel F console was the first.
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    happy berfday papi jandro

    it was march 4th
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    US MVS: Fatal Fury 2 w/ kit box $10

    US MVS shipping not included (usa) SOLD $10 Fatal Fury 2 w/ kit box ......[pic] SOLD SOLD $15 King of Fighters '94 ..........[pic] SOLD SOLD $10 Super Sidekicks 2 .............[pic] SOLD
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    Naomi w/ GDrom PSU DIMM I/O...

    shipping (from USA) not included Naomi 1 board, DIMM, GDrom, Capcom IO, PSU, Sports Jam disc w/ chip & cables sold together $290
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    FS: MVS us/jp

    shipping (from USA) not included super sidekicks 2 $20 kof 94 $15 kof 94 $15 jockey grandprix kit $45 fatal fury 2 (cart + box) $15 SOLD kof 96 (JP) $15 SOLD SOLD puzzle bobble (B00t) $9 SOLD SOLD fatal fury special $20 SOLD SOLD samurai shodown $9 SOLD SOLD real bout fatal fury 2 $25 SOLD...
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    SOLD OG Gameboy Blk backlit + LSDJ music tracker cart $75 SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD Original Gameboy (Black) backlit screen w/ Konami carry case + LSDJ music cart - $75 SOLD
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    SOLD MV-1 unibios 3.0 SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD MV-1 w/ unibios 3.0 $65 SOLD
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    UVC Ultracade converter *SOLD*

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD UVC Ultracade converter $120 SOLD
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    Zelda II 3D (flash based) requires unity player controls are a bit awkward, mouse look is very sensitive
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    SOLD Vogatek MK V supergun SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD Vogatek MK V supergun $55 SOLD
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    US X360: shooters, fighters, fps'

    US Xbox 360 games, shipping (from USA) not included Modern Warfare 3 $15 BlazBlue Calamity Trigger $8 Deathsmiles $10 Duke Nukem Forever $4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare $8 ^remaining games lot $30 SOLD DoDonPachi Resurrection: Deluxe Ed. /w soundtrack $25 SOLD SOLD Samurai Shodown Sen...
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    FS: MVS (sold)

    US/JP MVS carts for sale, shipping from usa, prices do not include shipping carts sold:
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    Happy birthday lithy

    HBD!:multi_co: have a beer
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    SOLD: PGM Knights of Valour $50 shipped! $50 shipped! (USA -- int. additional) pls
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    Happy Birthday, NeoGeo-Qatar

    HBD! :multi_co:
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    WTB: Verizon iPhone

    hey guys, I'm looking for an iPhone 3gs/4/4s in good condition, lost mine recently and need a replacement :annoyed: