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  1. Fox1

    FS: PC9801 Computer, PC9821 Computer, Fm Towns Computer

    OK so I'm selling these computers. They have all been gone through and refurbished. Prices are negotiable and if you want more pictures, please let me know. PC-9801BX2/U7 - $600 + ship. Power supply has been recapped. Battery changed to new rechargeable. All of the caps on the...
  2. Fox1

    WTB: Neo AES Mobo only (5v version)

    Do to some circumstances I need a motherboard from an AES. Does anyone have one from a destroyed AES?
  3. Fox1

    Micomsoft XPC-4 *Works Great*

    Comes with shown (and documents/manuals/box). Works fine, has a few scratches/marks. I just don't use it anymore. $315 shipped. in the US.
  4. Fox1

    WTT: My Empty Big Blue cabinet for an Empty Killer Instinct cabinet

    I want to trade my Big Blue cabinet for an Empty Killer Instinct cabinet. The big blue will include everything except the CPS2 board (the Q-sound amp is in there, but I needed to do a little mod on it because I couldn't find the transformer at the time of making the cabinet) As for the empty...
  5. Fox1

    FS: Dreamcasts with GDEMU (clone) + new battery/socket

    I have a bunch of dreamcasts that had missing/dead GDROM drives (I have 40 more), so I thought I would buy a bunch of the clone GDEMUs to at least save them. These have the GDEMUs installed and all have have been tested. Controller ports have been tested as well. The rechargeable battery has...
  6. Fox1

    WTB: GP32 Boxed games / Broken GP32 hardware

    Anyone have any? :) English or Korean
  7. Fox1

    WTTF: Nes Top Loader Console

    Just want the console itself + the power supply if possible. For trade: PS3s Regular Xboxs Xbox 360s (regular + slim) Ps2 Slim All come with at least 1 controller + hooks. Just have too many of these for some reason lol.
  8. Fox1

    Fm Towns CX40 Computer

    Fm Towns CX 40 Japanese computer, 16mhz 386. Worked fine up until a few days ago, it's the power supply as I tested another power supply in it and it worked fine. The power supply has been fixed before and I'm honestly tired of fixing it, so I'd recommend finding a way to put in a pico power...
  9. Fox1

    WTT: Core II w/ SSD3 for Neo AES system / $335 *SOLD*

    Comes with Core II, matching controller, 3rd power supply. No RGB cable since I'm using it for my CDX. The SSD3 is in perfect condition, seems to work fine. Core II is in decent condition, has some nicks, etc. This is the version I SSD3, so if you want the new one, you can request it from them...
  10. Fox1

    WTB: Darius II / Sagaia 2 screen PCB

    Either $ or trades, I have quite a bit to trade (not junky boards, but high priced/good games) Lmk! Really wanted for a local project! I would be open to the 3 screen version, but 2 screen is preferred!
  11. Fox1

    WTB: Bootleg MVS Carts

    Yeah, I know. Looking for bootleg carts to harvest the PSOP44 chips out of them. Specifically ones like these (the top chips): or if you aren't sure, then a picture of the chips would be great! Not looking for...
  12. Fox1

    WTB: Gnet Motherboard

    As title says! * found*
  13. Fox1

    WTB: Saturn Rhea

    I sold mine quite a while ago, but now I need it again to test on some odd Saturn hardware. Anyone have one for sale?
  14. Fox1

    FS: Nostradamus Jamma PCB *SOLD*

    Just fixed this rather rare shmup by Face. Looking for $350 shipped in the US. *SOLD*
  15. Fox1

    FS: Few PCBS

    All working, no bootlegs, and prices DON'T include shipping: Rygar, $125, doesn't include Jamma adapter: SOLD
  16. Fox1

    WTTF: A few PCBS

    Looking to get an original of the following: Undercover Cops Geostorm Cross Blades Mystic Warriors Others things: FM Towns - Tamashi No Mon Trade bait I have is: Mushihime Sama Futari 1.5 PCB NitroBall PCB Depending on what the trade is, $ might have to be added. I don't want to sell...
  17. Fox1

    WTT New US SNES Classic for Real SNES

    So I have a brand new, never used/opened US SNES classic that I want trade for a real SNES 1 Chip or a Snes Mini console (RGB modded or not). Only thing I request is that it comes with 1-2 controllers, original power supply, (video cables isn't a must, but if it's RGB modded, then yes please)...
  18. Fox1

    WTB: Saturn Rhea

    Want to try it on this SKC-1000 Saturn to see if it will work lol.
  19. Fox1


    Figured it out.
  20. Fox1

    Jamma to Jp21 Adapter $20 shipped

    I have one of these I don't use anymore: SOLD!